Boat Manufacturers Enjoy a Climb in Sales

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When the recession hit in 2008, the boat-manufacturing industry went the same way as many others did. Sales went down, and the amount of boats being built has waned ever since. Of course, all that has changed recently. The economy is gradually beginning to recover from the last several years of digression, and boat sales are beginning to climb again.


Boat Building in Florida

Yacht in the water

Of all the places experiencing an increase in boat sales, Florida seems to be one of the more heavily influenced markets. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, Florida’s increase in boat sales has climbed as high as sixteen percent from 2012. Claims from local resellers report that sales are even working ahead of this number now.

Due to an increase in sales, several resellers and boat manufacturers are planning or are already executing an increase in workforce. What’s more, some are even opening additional locations of business. Matters such as these were confirmed at the recent Daytona Boat Show this last fall. The increase in sales means there is obviously an increase in demand, and that can only mean more boat building to come.


Powerblanket and Boat Building

Boat manufacturing is another of the many industries Powerblanket serves with our patented heating solutions. In fact, we’re able to save manufactures thousands of dollars and days of manufacturing when compared to traditional or alternative heat-applied methods.

Boat manufacturing includes an epoxy-curing process that demands high temperature to expedite the cure and to ensure uniformity and strength of a boats shell. When curing epoxy, it’s imperative to have constant and uniform heat applied throughout the entire area of the cure. Powerblanket® Curing Blankets deliver a consistent and even distribution of heat to the entire surface area, making epoxy curing a snap.



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