Heat Curing Epoxy

Is it necessary to have evenly distributed heat for curing epoxy resins?  The simple answer is, yes.   If you are using heat to cure something, having even heat distribution will cure or heat the product evenly.  If heat isn’t distributed evenly, only part of the product will cure while other parts will remain uncured.  Curing epoxy in this manner is doable, however, it is not recommended.

Let’s consider a common heat method for a minute, heat trace (localized heat).  Heat trace is strung out along the material and only heats what it rests upon.  Will it get the object hot?  Sure.  Will it heat the entire surface to the same temperature, regardless of the placement of the heater? No.  It will have hot and cold spots.

Now let’s consider an alternative heating method, GreenHeat Technology™. If you were to place a heated blanket with GreenHeat Technology over the top of an object, it will heat evenly across the entire blanket. The difference is that unlike heat trace , the blanket disburses the same amount of heat simultaneously across the surface of the blanket. This heating method drives the same amount of heat into the substance being heated.


Example Above-  Greenheat Technology (left) vs. Common Heat Source (Right)
Let’s take a cookie for an example. If you placed heat trace on cookie dough and turned it on for a few minutes, you would have a partial cookie surrounded by dough on both sides.  If you kept the heat trace on, in an effort to cook the entire cookie, you would eventually cook the entire cookie however, you would have blackened and burnt sections where the heat trace tape was laid.  If you took the same amount of dough and placed the previously mentioned heating blanket on top of it, it would cook the cookie evenly.  There would be no burned spots and doughy spots. Epoxy needs to cure in a similar manner, with evenly distributed heat.

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