Epoxy and Cold Weather

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Anyone who’s worked with epoxy knows that one thing it doesn’t mix well with is cold weather. So what do you do to protect your epoxy when cold weather hits? Don’t worry. This blog contains the answer.


epoxy consistencyEpoxy and Its Fickle Nature

According to most reports, the vast majority of epoxies are applied and maintain their liquidity best within a range of 30 degrees.  Assuring that the low end of this range is maintained is of paramount importance when cold weather hits. For most epoxies, 60 degrees or above (but not over 90 degrees) is the ideal range for operation and storage. If your epoxy drops below this, it could drastically affect its characteristics.

Keeping your epoxy from falling below this mark when temperatures reach winter-time lows can be a difficult undertaking. It becomes a matter of simple physics. To maintain a 60 degree temperature for your epoxy means that the surrounding temperature can’t be any less than 60 degrees.

If you’re storing your epoxies in buckets, barrels, or drums in an uninsulated warehouse, then you’re likely paying a considerable amount to keep your warehouse heated to room temperature during the coldest months of the year. Even if your warehouse is insulated, keeping it at no lower than 60 degrees will still stress the energy bill. Not to mention, transporting your epoxy during the winter months become even more difficult and risky.

Yet, what if you could keep just the epoxy at 60 degrees or more without worrying about the ambient temperature around it? What if you could let your warehouse temperature drop to as low as 50 degrees to save on heating costs throughout the winter, but not worry the least about your epoxy stores? What if you could transport your epoxy in unheated box cars and trucks without worrying about it getting too cold? Well, the good news is: you can!


Powerblanket drum heaterEpoxy and Powerblanket’s Patented Technology

With Powerblanket’s patented heating technology, you don’t have to worry about these common dilemmas any more. Powerblanket’s barrel, drum, and bucket covers allow you to heat your epoxy storage to the ideal temperature in very economical way. 


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