How Can I Heat Instrumentation in CID2 Areas?

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How Can I Heat Instrumentation in CID2 Areas?What would happen in your CID2–rated oilfield operation if, in the middle of the winter, you could not get a proper pressure reading from an in-line pressure transmitter on an active well head?

For those in the railway sector, what would happen if, in the middle of the winter, you could not gather accurate scanner data recording and the transmittal of the immediate corrective action report necessary to insure that safety regulations are met?

Only one word fits both scenarios…disaster!

That is why you need a heating solution designed to ensure the success of your operation when you rely on essential instrumentation. For those in hazardous locations, you also need to find a heating solution certified with a CID2 rating.

Many of you are concerned with:

  • metered flow control
  • essential data recording
  • transmitter freeze protection
  • chemical viscosity and temperature control  

The right heating solution, especially in CID2 hazardous locations, means difference between productivity and costly shutdowns. Look for solutions that:

  1. Utilize custom-engineered applications.
  2. Provide quick turn-around on custom designed heating solutions for instrumentation.
  3. Products that offer electrical certifications that use UL, CSA, and CID2 hazardous location certification.

The value of the right heating solution often pays for itself by avoiding the first incident.

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