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Most valves are built to last a long time, and can withstand considerable fluctuations in temperature. However, despite the durability of well-built valves, extreme cold can affect their functionality in a serious way.

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Keep Your Valves Protected

If the valves in your piping system are exposed to extreme cold for a prolonged period of time, you can run into some pretty serious problems. As a result, your bottom line will be in the throws of very expensive downtime.

For example, imagine that one of the valves that sits at an important transition spot in an oil pipeline becomes frozen and fails to redirect the oil in the direction it is supposed to. The results could be catastrophic. Or perhaps even more importantly, what happens if a shot-off valve fails to close during an emergency?

In the end, these possibilities are chances you don’t have to take.  You can protect your pipe, butterfly, ball valves and more from exposure to cold weather and ensure that they always function properly.


To prevent freezing in pipes, valves, manifolds, and instrumentation, Powerblanket has products designed with this specific task in mind. We tailor our custom pipe and valve heaters to fit exactly around your valves, manifolds, and instrumentation. In addition, these heaters provide durable insulation and evenly distributes consistent heat. We can keep your instruments operating in ideal temperatures ranges, warding off freezing completely. What’s more, Powerblanket heaters are easy to install and remove when necessary. Don’t waste energy and money heat tracing your piping system. With Powerblanket, you have the complete solution in one system.

In the world of gas pipelines, equipment is expensive, product is valuable, and time is money. A company’s assets can range from a heavy-duty pipeline down to the products and equipment it uses to service it. So, whatever the case may be, Powerblanket can help you protect your assets against the threat of failure or malfunction.

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Learn more about our custom pipe and valve heaters here.


  • Maximum freeze protection to -40°F / -40°C
  • Engineered to maintain flow
  • Reduce downtime and increase profitability
  • Easy to install, uninstall, and reinstall
  • Rapid thawing for frozen or gelled pipes
  • UL/CSA and CE certification
  • Ability to meet CID2 hazardous location requirements
  • Wind and water resistant
  • Innovative design allows easy access
  • Highly efficient and evenly-distributed heat

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