Global Industrial: A Distributor of Powerblanket® Heating Solutions

When it comes to getting Powerblanket products to those in need of them, we make use of some of the greatest distributors in the industries we serve. Of those we use to help distribute our product, Global Industrial is one of the heavy hitters.



Global Industrial: A Provider of Powerblanket Products

Global Industrial is an industry-leading supplier of private label and brand name industrial equipment, such as Powerblanket industrial heating blankets. For more than sixty years, Global Industrial (which also operates under the names of: Global Equipment Company, Inc., Global Industrial Equipment, and Global has supplied first-class equipment to countless businesses in North America.

With a range that covers over 1 million products, Global Industrial is one of the very best resources for industrial equipment supply in Canada and the United States. Customers of Global Industrial include small to large corporations, government agencies, and other institutions and organizations. The company’s history, reputation, reach, selection, and service make Global Industrial an invaluable partner in offering Powerblanket heating solutions to our customers throughout North America.

Distributors like Global Industrial are vital to the success of Powerblanket, and we appreciate and value all our distributors and partners for all that they do to help us deliver heating solutions to a world in need of them. For all those in search of Powerblanket heating solutions, Global Industrial is a trusted and reliable source that we back 100%.

Powerblanket Heating Solutions at Global Industrial Include:

  • Bucket Heaters
  • Tote Heaters
  • Barrel / Drum Heaters
  • Concrete Curing Blankets
  • Bulk Material Warmers
  • Propane Tank Heaters
  • Pipe Warmers
  • And much more…

Curious to see how Powerblanket can meet the unique needs of your industry?


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