Powerblanket: The Cure for Your Curing Needs

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When it comes to curing, Powerblanket helps its customers do more with less. That is, we help you accomplish greater cures and shorter curing times without relying on traditional methods for post-curing assistance. Powerblanket can help you increase your throughput without substantially increasing production costs.


Wind blade epoxy

Why Use Assistance for Post Curing?

Whether you cure epoxy or resins for wind-turbine blades, aircraft wings, flooring, carbon-fiber construction, or some other similar composite-manufacturing application, you know that proper curing takes time. The only problem is that time cost money in business, and every manufacturer is looking for ways to increase efficiency and throughput.

Well, we keep that in mind. In fact, we produce a line of products specifically designed to increase curing efficiency and decrease curing time. Powerblanket curing blankets can provide heat up to 180° F to assist in both initial cures or post cures. Applying heat to your curing process enables resin to cure faster, decreasing the time it takes to move from one step of manufacturing to another. What’s more, when using a Powerblanket curing solution, you don’t have to throw money into costly curing ovens any more.

Now, you may be thinking: yes, well, I can ensure even heat delivery with an oven, and even heating is vital to a proper cure. We agree, even heating is imperative, and that’s why our heating blankets offer patent technology that provides even and efficient heat distribution through the entire application. Applying a curing blanket to your project, whether for initial cure, post cure, or both will help you increase the throughput of your manufacturing process significantly, allowing you to increase production in order to save time and increase revenue.

So, the moral of the story is this: curing doesn’t have to take as long or cost as much as it does traditionally. Reach out to a Powerblanket sales rep to get started on curing your curing needs now.



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