Heating Solutions for Roofing Material

Whether you’re roofing in the spring, summer, winter, or fall, you need to keep your roofing material hot and ready to roll. From adhesives to mineral surfaced roll roofing, if you need portable, easy-to-use heating solutions for roofing material,the Powerblanket® Hot Box can help you keep your roofing materials warm and ready year round. 


Product Spotlight- Hot BoxHeating Solutions for Roofing Material: The Powerblanket Hot Box

The Powerblanket Hot Box (also known as our Bulk Material Warmer) is a versatile tool that can be used for a myriad of applications, and roofing is one of them. When you need to keep your materials warm and ready to use, the Hot Box is a great and economical way to maintain material warmth.

Sometimes material warming is merely a matter of protecting your supplies from freezing in cold weather. If not freezing, protecting them from inefficiency is equally important. The Hot Box executes these jobs extremely well. Temperature regulation and heat application for tar, adhesives, laminates, mineral surfaced roll roofing, and all other roofing materials are easily accomplished with the Hot Box.

What’s more, if you have materials that need more than just protection from the cold, the Hot Box helps there too. Certain roofing materials need to operate at high temperatures whether in moderate or cold weather. By using the transportable and easy-to-assemble Hot Box, you can keep your materials at the ideal temperature regardless of what’s happening with the weather.

The Powerblanket Hot Box is designed with great structural integrity. Every unit comes with an internal, freestanding frame and can be easily assembled, disassembled, and reassembled. This makes the Hot Box ideal both for long-term storage of palletized product as well as on-site heating. Additionally, the option for an adjustable thermostatic controller gives you the ability to control the temperature range in order to prevent over or under-heating your product.


hot-box-one-cordPowerblanket® Hot Boxes:

  • Preserves temperature sensitive material
  • Installs quickly and effortlessly, and is compact and portable for storage
  • Heats palletized products: tar, resins, laminate, adhesives, mineral surfaced roll roofing, etc.
  • Features top and side access doors.
  • Is certified to UL and CSA safety standards



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