Heating Your Warehouse (How much does it really cost?)

Have you ever stopped to consider how much it costs to heat your warehouse? Well, we have, and the numbers are quite staggering.

warehouse with racks and palletsWarehouse Wattage

When you have valuable materials to store through the winter months, then keeping your warehouse at the proper temperature merely becomes an operational expense. With this reality in mind, perhaps you’ve never ventured to think how much it might actually be costing you. Then again, maybe you have. Either way, the numbers are interesting. Take a look:

According to Madison Gas and Electric, “warehouses in the U.S. use an average of 7.6 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity and 20,900 Btu of natural gas per square foot annually,” (Madison). Even if you’re only heating a 20X20 ft. warehouse, which would be incredibly small, that’s still an average of 3,040 kilowatt-hours and 8,360,000 Btu of natural gas annually. Over a year, that really adds up. Besides all of this, the fact is that it’s not even your warehouse that you need to heat; it’s whatever you’re storing in it.


A Better Solution

Think about it. If you could heat only the materials you are storing in your warehouse, rather than the warehouse itself, how much could you be saving on energy cost in a year? The square footage you’d need to heat would be a small fraction of your warehouse’s dimensions. Well, if you’re interested in turning the heat off to your warehouse over the winter months to save some heating cost without compromising the precious materials you store in it, just keep reading.

That’s right, there is an economical solution to such a scenario, and it’s what Powerblanket is all about. Whether you’re storing paint, coatings, spray foam, wax, chemicals of various kinds, DEF, propane, or anything else that may need to be stored at room temperature or above, Powerblanket can help you cover your assets—quite literally.

Take a moment to peruse our website and discover the many uses of Powerblanket’s patented technology. We can cover your barrels, drums, tanks, buckets, totes, and just about any other case or storage device you can imagine. In fact, Powerblanket can customize a fitted blanket to anything. If you can build it, produce it, or store it, Power blanket can cover it.


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