Ice Dam Melting


Ice Dam Melting illustrationBOSTON, MA – Ice Dam Melting and Removal Discussed. Powerblanket® Extra-Hot (EH) outdoor electric blankets provide rapid heat to troublesome ice dams, parking lot snow, driveway ice, and other snow covered areas. Powerblanket products and their all-in-one heating solution provides a barrier of heat to help melt snow, ice, and thaw frozen ground at home or on the job by using a standard 120V 20amp plug to provide power to the heater.

Ice dams and frozen gutters are caused when large amounts of ice forms at the edge of the roof, thus trapping any snow on the roof behind it. With nowhere to go, the snow and water become trapped and will begin piling up on your roof, eves, and entryways.  If ice dams have formed at the eaves of your roof you should immediately take measures to melt the ice enough to let any trapped water flow away.

Powerblanket products are is a UL/CSA approved and use GreenHeat Technology to provide low cost heating to almost any surface area including troublesome ice dams and roof snow.  Designed originally for ground thawing and concrete curing, Powerblanket brand products provide heating solutions for almost any outdoor setting.

Rapid thawing and heating can now be achieved without the hassles of tents, blowers, chemicals, or op

en flames. The Powerblanket Extra-Hot line of heated blankets are lightweight, portable, and a favorite among contractors and home owners alike.

Powerblanket, LLC can be reached online at or by contacting them by phone at 877-927-6432 for more information on their complete line of ice dam melting blankets.

home roof with snow on it

  • Portable, Lightweight Heating Solution
  • Easy to install, uninstall, and reinstall
  • Extra-Hot (EH) model for fast thawing
  • Quickly melt ice dams & frozen gutters
  • Prevent snow & ice buildup
  • Eliminate roof leaks and damage



Ice Dam Melting blanket

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