May Power Manufacturing Award Nominees

It’s a new month, and with that comes new Power Manufacturing Award nominees. Let’s meet the contestants:



Power Manufacturing AwardWasatch Window Well Covers

Our first nominee for May is Wasatch Window Well Covers, an Orem, Utah, based business that manufactures covers for (you guessed it) window wells. Their products reflect the company’s priority for user safety. Not only does their product prevent falls down into window wells, but also allows for users as young as children to unlock the cover when the need to escape becomes real, such as a house fire.

Power Manufacturing Award



OraTech is a full-end manufacturer for the healthcare industry. Originating as a dental products maker in Utah, the South Jordan company has expanded into multiple aspects of healthcare. OraTech is known for using innovative manufacturing methods for their clients, including a rare 3-color 3D printer used in crafting syringes.


Dyno NobelPower Manufacturing Award

One of the largest industrial explosives manufacturers in the world, Dyno Nobel bases its operations in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. The company defines its crowning characteristic as good communications, meaning that employee insights and consumer feedback are both taken seriously.


These three manufacturers are what we consider to be some of the best examples of innovative, boundary-pushing and communication-focused companies in the Mountain West. We look forward to diving into our award process to determine which of these companies will win the Power Manufacturing Award

Don’t see your business on our nomination list this month? Email [email protected] to nominate your company for the Power Manufacturing Award!

Power Manufacture Award

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