New Fast Cure Coating Outperforms Epoxy Curing Process?

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Watco®, a UK based, international manufacturer of paint, coatings, varnishes, and other flooring products, has recently announced a new line of floor paint and primer that is supposed to reduce curing times significantly. And this, of course, translates into less downtime for any floor-painting job.   



Watco’s Polyaspartic  Floor Paint

According to Watco, the company’s new line of polyaspartic floor paint can reduce the completion time of floor-painting jobs by significant numbers. In fact, their claim is that this new paint reduces a three-day cure into a one-day cure. With a change as drastic as this, one can imagine the valuable time a painter and crew can save when applying such a fast-drying paint to their flooring jobs.

An increase in the speed of curing means an increase in productivity. And what contractor doesn’t want that? Watco’s Fastcoat line of floor paint uses polyaspartic resin technology instead of the epoxy-based agents used in other floor paints. Yet as grand as these systems can be, they don’t necessarily compare apples to apples against epoxy coating systems. Even though the epoxy curing process takes longer, when unaided, such floor coatings are typically better at resisting high moisture-vapor-emission rates and long-term, rugged use. The quality of epoxy coatings is often superior in the end. With that said, the relatively new technology of polyaspartic-based floor coatings certainly has some unique advantages and perks for the types of application scenarios that can make sensible use of them.


Powerblanket and the Coating Business

When it comes to the paint and coatings industry, Powerblanket works to play an important role in increasing the efficiency and longevity of paints, epoxies, primers, and coatings of all kinds. With Powerblanket heating solutions, professionals can keep these temperature-sensitive products safe from the detrimental effects of cold weather. And as far as the curing process is concerned, well, Powerblanket helps with that too.

Our industry-leading curing blankets increase curing speeds and strength by substantial levels. So whether you’re coating your floors with the time-tested efficiency of epoxy-based coatings, or are venturing into the realm of polyaspartics, look to Powerblanket to protect your products and assist in the curing of them.



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