Portable Process Cooling Equipment

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Process Cooling Equipment

Powerblanket® designs and manufactures Powerblanket ICE®, portable cooling equipment that will keep your materials safe from heat including the Icepack Blanket, the Circulation Blanket + Cooler, and the Circulation Blanket + Chiller. This product line features portable, insulated, and efficient process cooling equipment.  Effectively regulate temperature-sensitive material under both regular and hot conditions with Powerblanket ICE process cooling equipment.

Ice pack Blanket

With internal pockets that place the ice directly against the surface of your container, the Powerblanket ICE Ice pack Blanket is an affordable portable process cooling option. This blanket is insulated, ensuring that your ice packs will last longer than ice alone and longer than other non-insulated options on the market.  Freeze your ice packs, wrap your product, and get to work.

The Icepack Blanket is a lower cost option that is easily portable, allows you to adjust temperature based on the number of ice packs used, and offers the convenience of reusable ice packs.

Circulation Blanket

For more advanced process cooling equipment, look to the Circulation Blanket options.  The Powerblanket Ice Circulation Blanket is combined with either a cooler or chiller to achieve optimum results. The Circulation Blanket uses Powerblanket’s patented heat-spreading technology in reverse to draw heat to the blanket and cool the contents of the container.

Blanket with Cooler

When using the cooler with the circulation blanket, the ice cold water in the cooler is pumped through the blanket, surrounding your product in constant cool.  The pump runs on 12VDC or 120VAC power.  Maintain a minimum temperature of 32°F/0°C or lower the temperature with salt or other freeze point modifiers.  Forty pounds of ice can maintain the temperature of whatever you are cooling at 55°F/13°C for nine to ten hours in 100°F/38°C ambient temperatures.  Simply fill the cooler with ice and water and know that your materials are cool.

Blanket with Chiller

If your needs call for something even colder or continuous the Circulation Blanket + Chiller will be the best option for you.  When combined with the chiller, you can maintain industrial cooling of 20°F/-7°C.  This portable process cooling equipment option offers precise temperature control.  One chiller can operate with two 55-gallon drum blankets.  The chiller combination is ideal for process cooling and other industrial cooling applications.



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