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Meet Beacon

In today’s connected world, the “Internet of Things” (IoT) allows you to turn your lights on and off from your smartphone, see who is at your front door from your desk at work, or get an alert when your garage door is left open.

Powerblanket brings the IoT to industrial temperature control with the Beacon Smart Remote Temperature Controller. The technology behind Beacon Smart Controllers is truly remarkable. So, when you pair Beacon’s innovative approach to temperature control with Powerblanket heating and cooling products, you have the best of both worlds. Beacon has the same features as many single stage, electronic temperature controllers plus many added benefits made possible by internet connectivity.

State Of The Art Temperature Control

Let’s take a more in depth look at all of the cutting edge features Beacon has to offer.

Remote Control Monitoring

Beacon Smart Temperature Control app

Beacon uses a revolutionary mobile system that is both easy to use and compatible with most mobile devices. You can monitor conditions and change thermostat settings remotely through a web portal or mobile app. Control and monitor boilers, chillers, refrigerated warehouses, beer and beverage coolers, tank, valve, drum and tote heaters and many more systems. Because you can set up a daily and hourly operating schedule, you can save energy by only running your system when needed.

Peace of Mind

Remote temperature monitoring means you don’t have to worry about babysitting your thermostat anymore. Other systems require your presence to monitor temperature fluctuations. However, with Beacon, you can define your own temperature thresholds and let it take control. The connected temperature controller will alert you of any problems, whether you’re present or not.

Data and Analytics

The data collected by Beacon Smart Temperature Controller is stored in the cloud for your analysis. Keep long term temperature data and run analytics to make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible. In addition, a log of electrical current also lets you analyze the duty cycle and operating costs of your cooling or heating equipment.


Not only is it smart and convenient, but Beacon is safe. With various security features, you have the power to activate multiple users who have access to the controls. Individual users are assigned PINs for access so you can identify who has been setting changes.

Customized Alerts

Because Beacon allows you to choose what notifications you receive, you can create tailor made settings that keep you updated on everything going on with your heating or cooling system. So, you can set your own customized alerts based upon temperature ranges, electrical current, voltage, resistance and more.

Protective Enclosure

Beacon is housed within a NEMA 4x enclosure. The National Electrical Manufacturer Association rates electrical housing based upon their ability to stand up to certain environmental conditions. The 4x rating ensures heavy duty watertight protection from rain, sleet, snow, and external ice formation. It will also protect Beacon from falling dirt and windblown dust and debris. This means our smart temperature controllers can be safely used in a wide array of outdoor and industrial locations.

Heating and Cooling Versatility

Whether you need process heating or cooling to keep your equipment and materials safe, we have you covered. Beacon is compatible with a vast range of heating and cooling devices. Easily set cooling schedules, temperature ranges, and alerts so you can sit back and chill.

Ambient Temperature Sensing

Beacon is smart enough to switch its load based upon 2 different temperature readings. Program heating and cooling cycles based upon the temperature of the materials or equipment themselves. You can also set cycles based upon the ambient temperature surrounding your equipment and materials for an extra layer of thermal protection.

Additional Features

  • Backlit LCD display on device
  • Adjustable short cycle delay for refrigeration equipment
  • 120/208/240V, switch up to 24 amps

A Cut Above the Rest

Compare Beacon’s state of the art features with other temperature control units on the market today:

Beacon smart controller comparison table

Beacon: The Clear ChoiceBeacon smart temperature controller

Whatever the industry or application, Beacon grants you remote temperature control with ease and precision. Eliminate temperature guesswork and risk by using a Beacon Smart Temperature Controller to keep systems operating safely and efficiently.

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Powerblanket's industrial control solutions give you the power to automate, remotely control, and monitor your valuable materials and equipment.


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