Powerblanket Curing Blankets at the Statue of Liberty

Statue of LibertyReilly Construction out of Wrightstown, NJ, won a bid from the U. S. Department of the Interior to replace the roof of The Great Hall Statue of Liberty National Monument. The Great Hall, which now houses the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, is considered one of the most symbolically important structures in American history. The Great Hall-Ellis Island was proclaimed a part of Statue of Liberty National Monument and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Reilly needed extra heat in the form of curing blankets to make this job happen.

Challenges Faced by Reilly

  • Cold winter weather and high winds at this waterfront facility
  • Working safely around thousands of tourists visiting this historic landmark daily
  • Implementing various overhead protection plans at this historic landmark daily
  • Mobilizing materials and equipment on a small island
  • Limited laydown and staging areas
  • Coordinating construction schedule with NPS & U.S. Park Police for VIP visits
  • Ensuring compliance with the NYS Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)
  • Day & night work

Powerblanket to the Rescue

The project involved removal of the existing inverted roof membrane assembly (IRMA) and replacement with a new multi-ply modified bitumen roofing system over a complicated tapered insulation deck assembly, approx. 60,000 Sq. Ft. The project also included the replacement of custom fabricated copper flashings and accessories throughout and the installation of a lighting protection system. Reilly worked with the NYS Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to coordinate all the work.

Dan DeSantis, the Senior Project Manager for Reilly, found Powerblanket products online and left his contact information. Upon follow up, we discovered that Reilly needed a heating solution to cure the masonry block work at the proper temperature (50°F/10°C) during December in New York and with the added chill of the water. Reilly used five Powerblanket MD0520 concrete curing blankets for the application, and appreciated the increased temperature control.

Powerblanket at the Statue of Liberty

A Cure for What Ails You

Powerblanket concrete curing blankets provide a manageable way to cure concrete effectively and confidently in the cold weather months. Even in warm weather, Powerblanket curing blankets increase production by rapidly curing with consistent, even heat.

Why Choose Powerblanket Concrete Curing Blankets?

  • Cure concrete 2.8 times faster than conventional, insulated blankets
  • Produce cold weather concreting strength of up to 3,925 psi in 72 hours
  • Maintain moisture throughout hydrating process
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Prevent a freeze cycle
  • Thaw ground and frost from job site prior to pour
  • Reduce downtime & increase profitability
  • Maintain ACI compliance for cold weather concreting

Cure your concrete faster and better in cold weather conditions with Powerblanket.


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