How Do I Prevent Frozen Pipes?

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Powerblanket Pipe HeaterThe best and most effective method in preventing frozen pipes is to wrap them with heating blankets. There are different methods and measures that companies and homeowners can take to prevent their pipes from freezing, but most of those methods are not cost effective or convenient.

It is critical to keep pipes warm and flowing. I understand that if pipes stop flowing due to freezing, it can be financially devastating. It can cause damage to the pipe itself, as well as the locations upstream and downstream of the frozen clog(s). I also understand the frustration and time associated with locating the frozen sections of pipe.

When companies and homeowners ask about heating methods and the cost associated with preventing pipes from freezing, I remind them of how much more costly it is to let pipes freeze. They must try to make repairs and then replace the loss of production. Consider the following:

  • Frozen pipes and frozen clogs prevent flow of fluid and performance of production
  • If pipes freeze over, it is timely and cumbersome to locate the frozen clogs and even more timely to thaw the frozen section of pipe
  • Frozen pipes can expand the pipe and in some cases break the pipe causing it to need to be replaced

When looking to keep your pipes warm and flowing, I recommend to my customers that they ask themselves the following:

  • Is the installation of the heating source safe?
  • Is the installation of the heating source quick and easy?
  • Can I install it myself or do I have to hire out an electrician for the installation?
  • Will this heating source ensure flow of my pipes and production?
  • What is an energy efficient method to maintain heat?

With electrical heating blankets, installation is easy and safe. Hiring a professional or an electrician is not needed, saving you a great amount of money. It is cost effective, not only to purchase the blanket, but also with regards to the amount of energy consumed to power the blanket.

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