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Our advice to anyone considering pipe-thawing methods is this: don’t do it. It doesn’t make sense to work at solving a problem when you can prevent it from ever occurring in the first place. So instead of attempting to thaw frozen pipes, keep your pipes from ever freezing in the first place.


Pipe Heater

The Solution

Powerblanket® knows how inconvenient, expensive, and unsafe frozen pipes can be. That’s why, along with our valve, manifold, and instrumentation heaters, we also provide a product for that important element in between. After all, it’s just as important to keep the pipes themselves from freezing, regardless of what type of fluid you may be pumping through them. With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the Powerblanket Pipe Heater, or Heated Pipe Wrap.


Features and Benefits

The Powerblanket Heated Pipe Wrap harbors the same patented technology used in all Powerblanket heating products. This technology, along with its seamless implementation into an easy-to-use and durable blanket, saves labor costs and downtime through simple and fast installation, uninstallation, and reinstallation. Protecting fluids from freezing in harsh outdoor environments is what Powerblanket is all about, and Powerblanket pipe heaters make this a real possibility for your pipes or pipeline.


Our Pipe Heaters offer:

  • Savings in labor costs and downtime through easy installation, uninstallation, and reinstallation
  • Freeze protection down to -40°F / -40°C
  • Ready-to-ship sizes, available in multiple lengths and diameters
  • Preparation of pipes for the proper curing of coatings
  • Certification to UL/CSA/CE standards


See all the details of the Powerblanket pipe heater by downloading the free product spec sheet!


Download Spec Sheet

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