How To Prevent Propane Pressure Loss Through the Winter Months

When working with propane in the winter months, it’s important to maintain tank pressure.  Cold weather can can be devastating to a depleting propane tank. This is because pressure is maximized by fluid levels and temperature. This means the tank needs to be close to full or the temperature needs to be warm. When one or both decrease, so does the pressure of your propane. There are ways of heating the tank that can prevent the pressure from dropping.

Here are a few traditional ways people maintain propane tank pressure:

  1. Hot water

  2. Submerge the tank in water and put a boiler underneath it

  3. Blow torches

  4. Space Heater

  5. Insulated wrap

  6. Propane Tank Heating blanket


Most of these methods are really dangerous with an extreme risk of fires or explosions. Propane is a flammable gas and should never be heated with open flames or an uncontrollable heating source. Whatever method you choose to heat your propane tank, safety should be a top priority.


Effectiveness should also be a deciding factor.  I recommend using a safe, temperature controlled heating blanket. Powerblanket propane tank heating blankets are the safest and most effective way of maintaining propane pressure during cold winter months.  With an insulated heating blanket you have the ability to control the temperature and pressure of the propane tank safely and easily.  You can plug the blanket in and walk away from it knowing that  your propane tank, your house or your job site are all safe and functioning.


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