Product Spotlight: Spray Foam Box Heater

The spray-foam business deals with cold weather as much as any other construction trade. In fact, the essence of spray foam is to provide insulation against the cold. So in order to work in weather that is less than favorable, you’re going to need a solution to keep your spray foam protected from Mother Nature, like a spray foam box heater.


Product Spotlight- Spray Foam Box Heater

The Nature of Spray Foam

In the business of spray foam application, cold weather can put a complete halt on application. To put it simply, spray foam just doesn’t work in cold weather. Polyurethane foam is very sensitive to temperature in its liquid state. The preferable range of application falls above 70° F, and as much as construction goes on in at temperatures above 70°, it’s also expected to continue when the needle drops well below this mark.

Hypothetically speaking, you can operate your spray-foam equipment under the ideal temperature range. But every time you do, you put your valuable product at risk. Some professionals have tried using band heaters to keep their spray foam warm during cold-weather application, but band heaters offer inconsistent and unregulated heat, causing burning and charring of the product.

Powerblanket, on the other hand, offers a solution that will enable you to apply spray foam year round. With the Powerblanket® Spray Foam Box Heater, you can  keep your spray foam at the ideal temperature without worrying about burning or charring. The Powerblanket solution offers an even distribution of heat through an easy-to-apply vinyl, insulating blanket that will keep your product at the right temperature—not to mention insulated it from the cold.



Stand Out Feature of Powerblanket® Spray Foam Heaters

  • Evenly heats spray foam from all sides for a consistent performance
  • Consistent and regulated heat distribution protects against burning and scorching
  • Well-insulated unit keeps the heat from leaking out
  • Safety certifications, including a UL listing (in the U.S.) and CSA (in Canada).


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