Product Spotlight: Valve, Manifold, and Instrumentation Heaters


Regardless of the industry, if there’s piping involved, Powerblanket® can help keep it all protected from the cold. After all, if your piping system is left to the elements all on its own, you could end up experiencing some significant problems.

Valve, Manifold, and Instrumentation Heaters

Powerblanket® Valve and Manifold Heaters

Powerblanket® specializes in protecting of valves, pipes, manifolds, and other instrumentation from the harshness of cold weather with specialized heaters. A frozen pipeline can cause numerous and expensive problems. If you have to replace valves and manifolds due to the damage caused by freezing, then you’re looking at a lot of down time and additional expense.  

In addition to the continuity of your business, there’s an even graver matter to keep in mind, and that’s the safety of everyone involved. Imagine the danger and risk associated with malfunctioning equipment. If a shutoff valve fails to work during an emergency, you could have a serious problem on your hands.

For reasons such as these, freeze protection for piping systems is no new endeavor. However, traditional methods addressing this dilemma often have more to do with resolution than prevention. Steaming and gas heating valves and manifolds not only adds an additional element of risk, but it also addresses the problem only after it has already occurred. On the other hand, boxed units that encase the valve, manifold, or instrumentation in a closed capsule are expensive, cumbersome, and permanent—meaning they remain in place even when you don’t need them.

Powerblanket®, however, prevents freezing from ever happening, and we do it all in an extremely easy and economical way. Powerblanket® solutions involve an easy-to-install, customized, heating apparatus that not only insulates your pipeline components from the cold, but also allows you to maintain ideal temperature ranges for each application. This is all made possible through our patented technology that delivers a consistent and even distribution of heat throughout the entire device. With Powerblanket® valve and manifold heaters, and the instrumentation heater, there’s no longer any reason to worry about the onset of cold weather.


The Benefits of Powerblanket Valve, Manifold, and Instrumentation Heaters:

  • Custom design fits your pipes, valves, manifolds, and instrumentation perfectly
  • Provides freeze protection down to -40º F / -40º C
  • Heating through blankets prepares pipes for coatings and welding
  • Meets important UL/CSA safety standards
  • Can be custom made to operate in CID2 hazardous locations
  • Simple design, easy installation, and everyday usability
  • Reduces downtime costs and losses caused by damaged pipes
  • Ensures instrumentation functionality in temperatures as low as -58°F
  • Eliminates alternative emergency thawing services or steamers–and all associated expenses
  • Prevents pipeline control valves and instruments from freezing
  • Reduces labor costs and downtime through quick and easy installation and removal
  • Offers peace of mind knowing that your pipe system is protected from freezing
  • Eliminates the need to replace expensive valves and pipe due to freezing


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