How Can Powerblanket Help My Oil or Gas Company?

Cold weather can pose real problems to a company in the oil or gas industry. Wasted time, lost profits, and drops in efficiency can all hurt your business. Powerblanket can help.

Powerblanket is the leading provider of standard and custom-designed industrial heating blankets. No matter what equipment you need to keep warm, Powerblanket can get you what you need. Watch the oil and gas overview video to find out about some of our products and how they have helped companies like yours.



Transcript: In the oil and gas industry, winter means frozen pipes and faulty equipment. Ever considered how much cold weather costs your business?

McADA did. As a frac fluids heating company, the company used to heat its truck mounted propane tanks with tarps and space heaters. It was a slow process and limited the number of customers they could serve. They turned to Powerblanket for a better solution.


With Powerblanket heaters, McADA now services customers faster, even in colder conditions, and reduced its service costs while growing its business. The custom heaters paid for themselves in just two weeks.

Or consider a large energy service provider that faced losing thousands of dollars in profits a day if their wellhead pressure transmitters froze. Powerblanket stepped in and designed custom heaters that eliminated the threat of frozen pressure transmitters–forever.

Powerblanket® heaters can be tailored or custom designed to fit any job, and any weather condition. Face cold weather with confidence. Let Powerblanket weatherproof your business for good.

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