Do I Really Need A Custom Heater?


You may be inclined to ask yourself the question posed as the title of this piece, and it’s a fair question to ask. Some manufacturers offer only standard product lines for heating solutions and you might be wondering whether you should try and make do with them. On the other hand, some manufacturers provide both standard and customized products—offering options that will work specifically for your application.


Space heater

Standard vs. Customized

Most of the time, people equate standard products with invariable pricing and low cost. Conversely, people often think that customized products, like a custom heater, are certain to be time consuming to produce and costly to purchase. This preconception is a fair estimation in many cases. But it’s certainly a generalization too, and it may not serve you well when considering the proper solution for your heating needs.

Now, ask yourself these questions: If I can’t find the custom approach I need for my heating problem, what am I doing alternatively? If I’m doing nothing, am I risking the products, assets, or capital I wished I could protect. If I’m using less-than-favorable options for heating are these options costly? Are they safe?


A Case for Customization

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then it would be a good time to assess your approach. Instead of using workarounds like straw and visqueen for insulation, or tarps and space heaters, consider using a product that is made for the job. Ready-to-ship, heating products will work in many instances. But when they don’t, it’s not the end of the road. Think customization.

If you have a unique apparatus or product that needs heating or protection from the cold, and you can’t find a pre-made product to cover it, then you’ll need to go with a customized solution. Find a reputable company that produces customized heating solutions that can be produced in as little as two weeks or less. Applying a custom heating solution that delivers both heating and insulation in one product through an even and regulated distribution of heat will pay for itself in the costs it saves you in no time at all.


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