September Power Manufacturing Award WInner

Alpine Distilling

Alpine Distilling was crowned the Power Manufacturer for the month of September, bringing in another winner for the Power Manufacturing Award.

The Park City-based distillery not only answered our questions about their manufacturing process, but also allowed us to tour their facility and interview the company founder, Rob Sergent.


Alpine Distilling combines Sergent’s Kentucky family traditions with the open air of the Utah mountains, resulting in some of the finest liqueurs, bourbons and gins west of the Mississippi. We particularly admired Alpine Distilling’s search for innovative technology that they use to have a better control over their brewing processes. 

Runner up for this month’s Power Manufacturing Award was Frontier Swiss, who also impressed us. We’ll have Frontier Swiss back in October as part of our continued search for the best Power Manufacturers in Utah.

Alpine Distilling Case Study from Powerblanket on Vimeo.

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