Spray Foam Cooling Solutions for Your Year Round Business

Person Applying Spray Foam to Vaulted RoofFreezing temperatures can really put a halt on your spray foam business. However, hot weather can do just as much to disrupt the continuity of your operations. Spray foam that sits in temperatures over 90° F will not yield as much as spray foam that’s at or below room temperature. This is because spray foam activates due to a chemical reaction that produces heat. If it’s already hot outside, the spray foam will react too quickly, and won’t have time to bond to the surface it needs to insulate. This can lead to the foam pulling up and not sealing what it needs to for proper insulation.

Spray Foam in the Summer

The business of spray foam is a year round endeavor: rain, snow, sleet or hail. With that in mind, Powerblanket® has long provided the industry with innovative heating solutions to keep you running efficiently through the cold months. But as you know, hot weather can have a detrimental effect on your spray foam too. That’s where our new cooling solutions come in.

Hot Summer Sun In Sandy Desert With Footprints in Sand

How do you keep your spray foam protected from the heat of the summer months?

Alongside our spray foam heating solutions, we now offer an equally innovative line of cooling solutions for the spray foam contractor. Our new North Slope Chillers product line enables you to keep your spray foam at ideal temperatures, even in the hottest summer weather.

North Slope Chiller’s Fluxwrap Features:

  • Blankets use Powerblanket’s patented heat spreading technology in reverse to draw heat away from the container, thereby cooling the product inside Blanket outer shell and insulation are the same as the robust system used in Powerblanket products.
  • All three types of cooling products are portable (Both the ice box and chiller driven systems require 120VAC).
  • We can provide North Slope Chiller cooling products for custom applications quickly and cost effectively, just like our heating products. Just get us the details and we can have a product in your hands in just a few weeks.
  • North Slope Chillers Fluxwrap and ChillerControl temperature of spray foam bulk materials, and…
    • Increase yields (Bulk materials over 90° F will reduce yields for most spray foams.)
    • Maintain foam quality (Hot bulk material can decrease foam tenacity and increase foam density).
    • Decrease foam application time (Increasing foam quality decreases application time).
  • Eliminate time waiting for spray foam bulk materials to cool…
    • Keep materials cool in storage, during transit and during use, avoid losing hours or even days waiting for material to cool.
  • Blankets can be left installed and running while material containers are in use.

The new line of North Slope Chillers’ spray foam cooling solutions come in lower cost, mid-grade, and premium options.

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