Spray Foam Cooling Solutions: Meet North Slope Chillers From Powerblanket

Spray Foam Cooling Solutions with North Slope Chillers

Polyurethane spray foam is an extremely useful product. It insulates our homes, offices, and other structures from uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. It keeps the cool in during the summer and the warm in during the winter. But as great as spray foam is at maintaining internal temperatures, spray foam itself is a very temperature-sensitive liquid prior to and during application. Cooling solutions are essential for spray foam when temperatures are warm.

Powerblanket and North Slope Chillers offer total temperature control for spray foam year round.

Spray Foam Application in the Summer

Hot summer months can affect spray foam yield and functionality considerably. Spray foam insulation will substantially reduce its yield potential as it nears 90°F and higher.  The best adhesion and most ideal curing process occurs when applied in ambient conditions of 60-80°F (15-26°C).  These conditions are ideal for spray foam application. When the intended space to be sprayed is too hot, then there are further problems.

  • Heat causes higher rates of pressure in the canisters which in turn means a faster flow rate.
  • Faster flow rate can mean less control over spray and uneven layers of foam.
  • When the environment is too hot, the foam cures too fast and cause a whole host of problems.
  • A rapid curing prevents foam from developing  a bond with the surface before it becomes hard.
  • There is also the risk of the foam curing before it has reached its full rise; this results in a lower R-value, and lost money.

North Slope Chillers Changes Summer Application

Fluxwrap by North Slope Chillers uses Powerblanket’s patented heat spreading technology in reverse to draw heat away from the container, thereby cooling the product inside.  You can efficiently regulate the temperature of your spray foam in the scorching conditions of summertime application. With spray foam cooling solutions designed specifically for spray foam applicators and storage units, you can keep your spray foam at ideal temperature all the time.

  • Increase your spray foam yield and the profitability of each application
    • Keeping your spray foam at ideal temperature during hot weather will allow you to maintain high yield.
  • Eliminate expensive downtime caused by overheated spray foam
    • If you arrive onsite with overheated foam, you’ll lose lots of time waiting for it to cool.
  • Increase business continuity and profit by enabling application continuity through the hot weather
    • In other words, you won’t waste any application time, because your foam will be cool and ready to go.
  • Protect your biggest asset from damage and waste
    • If you’re spray foam is left at extreme temperatures long enough, it could become permanently damaged.

Features of North Slope Chillers’ Spray Foam Cooling Solutions:spray foam cooling solutions

  • Fluxwrap uses Powerblanket patented heat-spreading technology in reverse to draw heat away from the spray foam container in order to cool the spray foam itself.
  • Fluxwrap covers and insulates with the same robust system used in the Powerblanket heating products.
  • Fluxwrap and North Slope Chillers are portable and easy for onsite use.
  • Control the temperature of bulk spray foam materials with ease.
  • Blankets can be left installed and running while spray foam containers are in use.
    • Applying spray foam in the heat of summer is simple and efficient with Fluxwrap.

Temperature Control Gives You Control

  • Increase yields
    • Bulk materials over 90° F will reduce yields for most spray foams
  • Maintain foam quality
    • Hot bulk material can decrease foam tenacity and increase foam density
  • Decrease foam application time
    • Increasing foam quality decreases application time
  • Eliminate time waiting for spray foam bulk materials to cool

The new line of North Slope Chillers’ spray foam cooling solutions come in lite industrial, standard, and heavy-duty industrial systems.   North Slope Chillers designs custom applications quickly and cost effectively, just like our heating products.


Installing Below 60°F

If installation occurs in an environment that is below 60°F (15°C) then heating the space will be necessary.  Applying spray foam insulation in cold weather is a tricky business.  Condensation, slower flow, and longer curing times are all issues associated with spray foam installation in the cold.

Learn more about Powerblanket spray foam heating solutions here.

Keep your products and processes within the desired temperature range with Powerblanket's industrial cooling solutions.


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