July Power Manufacturing Award Winner

Though summer has started to wind down, the innovative companies that are the Power Manufacturing Award winners keep rolling in. Among those was ALTA Racks, a bike and snowboard rack manufacturer based in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, that was chosen to represent the Power Manufacturing Award for the month of July. 

ALTA Racks

ALTA Racks is an incredible company. As a Six Sigma manufacturer, ALTA Racks practices lean manufacturing in order to streamline both its production and shipping times. In fact, the company says it only takes one week to complete an order. 

“We continuously identify bottlenecks and long lead/labor items and plan accordingly by purchasing the raw material ahead of time of need, and building high labor product at a higher quantities,” a company spokesperson told Powerblanket. 

The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well at ALTA Racks. The same company spokesperson gathered advice to share for entrepreneurs looking to get a start in the manufacturing industry. We’re sharing a few here:

  • If you want easy, don’t start. 
  • Continue to improve your products and process. Let your customers have a voice in the design of your product. After version one, the customers should be driving improvements and revisions.
  • Be physically fit, this lifestyle calls for endurance.

You’ll find the rest of the advice ALTA Racks gave us in our upcoming Small Manufacturers Guide. It’s that kind of wisdom, innovation and entrepreneurship that won ALTA Racks July’s Power Manufacturing Award! Congratulations!

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Power Manufacturing Award

May Power Manufacturing Award Winner: Wasatch Window Well Covers

The Power Manufacturing Award has been given to another worthy winner. Let’s give a big round of applause to the Power Manufacturer for the month of May: Wasatch Window Well Covers.

Wasatch window well covers

Wasatch Covers has been a significant part of the home construction industry in the Mountain West, being one of the largest window well cover manufacturers in Utah and Colorado. Company founder Ryan Anderson created Wasatch Covers after discovering the lack of quality window well cover products way back in 2002. He told Powerblanket that the company has learned many lessons over the years as it constantly seeks to innovate and improve.

“Over the last several years, we’ve spent a substantial amount of time and resources to the development of a process that allows us to do all things digital,” he said. “We first developed software that uses a mobile device, and through AI, can not only identify a window well through the device’s camera, but can also compensate for perspective and image distortion to create measurements within 0.5% accuracy. This was unheard of in an uncontrolled environment until we produced it.

“From that, we are well into the process of completely automating our processes for manufacturing the window well covers. This is one of the things that has allowed us to mass produce a custom product. The dimensions of every single window well cover are different. We are able to produce thousands of these each month.”

As a result of going digital and utilizing AI to meet the customer’s needs, Wasatch Covers has been able to expand into other markets as their ability to produce quality products has increased.

“Through our manufacturing processes, we’ve been able to grow our coverage areas,” Anderson said. “We now cover Utah and Colorado, with plans to launch nationwide by late 2019. We’ve been the clear leader in Utah and Colorado, in volume, customer service, and quality for quite some time. Over the past 5 years we’ve seen over 30% growth year over year, and 2019 is looking to continue that trend handily.”

The phrase “Always Get Better” is the mantra of Wasatch Covers. Seeking out customer input has been critical to ensuring products are always meeting the standard of being exactly what the customer needs. The company even has a full-time position dedicated to seeing how the company can improve, from the R&D desk to the manufacturing floor.

An example of this concept in action is one of the features of the window well cover products, created by inspired feedback from customers.

“One of several things that makes us stand out against our competition,” Anderson said, “is our ability to understand what our customers want and then to be able to give it to them. One example of this is our EZ lift system. This allows for a person (of almost any size) to be able to gain access or egress from any window well.”

“Always Get Better” is also the advice that Anderson said he’d give to any entrepreneur getting into the manufacturing industry.

“No matter the success or failure, continue to work hard,” he told Powerblanket. “Niches and routes to success come as you move forward in the pursuit of greatness. Also, you can’t do it alone. Align your organization both within and externally with other great companies. Learn from them, and let them do what they are best at.”

The Power Manufacturing Award has one purpose: promote the manufacturing businesses of Utah and the surrounding North American Mountain West region by showcasing innovation, customer respect and employee welfare. Wasatch Window Well Covers has proved itself to be a true Power Manufacturer, and we at Powerblanket are proud to share their story.

Power Manufacture Award


Become a Power Manufacturer

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Power Manufacturer of the Year: Taffy Town


Powerblanket is happy to announce the inaugural winner of 2018’s Power Manufacturing Award of the Year: Taffy Town! The Power Manufacturing Award of the Year is chosen out of that year’s monthly winners, based on their excellent standard of manufacturing and innovation. Taffy Town continues to succeed in their example of positivity and deviation from the status quo, and are a clear choice for this year’s winner!  

taffy town After a year to look at many candidates in the Utah Manufacturing Industry, Taffy Town has caught their industry’s attention. This is the second recognition Taffy Town has received for manufacturing excellence, the first being in January 2018 as the Power Manufacturer of the month. We were able to spotlight many amazing manufacturers this year who are doing amazing things in business and manufacturing, so choosing a winner for this award was difficult. In the end however, Taffy Town became the clear choice.

The Power Manufacturing Award is given to companies that display standard-setting trends in manufacturing. Based in West Jordan, UT, the company has 50 employees and creates more than 20,000 pounds of taffy every day, with sales across the globe.

As reported in January of 2018, Taffy Town does not use the traditional taffy-pulling process that some may remember seeing in store windows. Instead, they have a competitive edge by using a whipping process and 24 hour-long batch conditioning process to produce a soft texture taffy that melts in your mouth. Their products contain no peanuts and no tree nuts, and they are gluten free and use kosher dairy. However, their commitment to their top quality product and 100-year old tradition is what won them the title of Power Manufacture of the Year.

Congratulations to our fellow manufacturers at Taffy Town!


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Powerblanket at the World of Concrete—A Demo in Concrete Curing

Earlier this month, Powerblanket attended the 2015 edition of the World of Concrete at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This year’s exhibition attracted 55,779 registered professionals. In addition, the event drew in 1,459 companies exhibiting their products and services. For Powerblanket and its concrete curing demo, the event proved to be a great way to engage with those in need of the company’s products.



Powerblanket and the World of Concrete

For Powerblanket, this year’s World of Concrete was an exciting investment of company time and resources. Powerblanket ran a concrete curing demo to demonstrate the effectiveness of Powerblanket® curing blankets on the set times and structural integrity of concrete pours. Those who were present were able to witness for themselves how much efficiency the curing blankets added to the curing process. Not only were the blankets able to cure the concrete nearly three times as fast, but they were also able to increase the strength of the concrete by 50%.

The slab used for the demonstration was 8” thick with a mix design that was formulated to provide a minimal PSI of 4,000 in only two days.  The slab was poured two days prior to the demonstration, and for the purposes of the demonstration, one portion remained unheated while the other section was covered in an MD series Powerblanket® curing blanket. At the beginning of the demonstration, the unheated portion of the concrete measured close to the 4,000 PSI that was required for the minimal target. Then the Powerblanket was added, and the portion of the slab that was heated by the Powerblanket MD Series concrete curing blanket measured a consistent 6,000 PSI after only 16 hours in place. That’s a PSI strength increase of 50% over the unheated portion of the concrete slab.

Powerblanket® curing blankets allow for such efficiency through the company’s patented technological approach to concrete curing and many other heating solutions. Not only do Powerblanket® curing blankets insulate the chemical reactions responsible for concrete heat exchange, but they also add heat to the equation—making them far more efficient than the common curing blanket.  Through the Powerblanket design, electrical heat is evenly distributed through the entire application, allowing for quicker set times and stronger concrete.

“Seeing people’s reactions to the demonstration was exciting,” said Ryan Jensen, Marketing Director for Powerblanket. “It was clear that everyone was impressed with the outcome.”

As a result, Powerblanket has engaged with more customers in an industry they already heavily serve.

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