Two New Epoxy Resins Hit the Market

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Epoxy resins continue to advance in functionality and application possibilities. With this in mind, a company known as Hexion Inc. has produced two new resins that are geared toward increasing the production rates and processing flexibility for carbon- fiber automotive parts.


Two New Epoxy Resins Hit the Market

Epoxies for the Automotive Manufacturer and Beyond

Hexion Inc. has recently introduced an addition to their product line of thermal-latency resins. The company’s new product EPIKOTE™ TRAC 06170 epoxy resin/EPIKURE™ TRAC 06170 curing agent system was created with carbon-fiber manufacturing procedures in mind. Hexion has claimed to have optimized something known as the glass transition temperature of this new system. By doing so, Hexion has enabled faster curing times and part stiffening.

Such qualities play a vital role in the efficiency of large-scale, carbon-fiber production. And with the new Hexion product, manufacturers can expect faster processing windows and assembly procedures that require fewer complex parts for post-application curing. Hexion’s new addition to their family of epoxy resins offers manufacturers the additional help they need for epoxy curing.


Powerblanket and Epoxy

While Powerblanket may not produce epoxy resins, the company does play a vital role in the industry, offering solutions that aid in the epoxy-curing process. Powerblanket and its engineers are well aware of the temperature-sensitive nature of epoxy resins and their curing needs. For most epoxies, the ideal temperature for curing is above 75° F, and this means that additional heat is needed for faster curing times.

Even with the new epoxy resins produced by Hexion, Powerblanket® curing blankets can increase curing speeds and overall strength significantly. Now imagine how fast your epoxy can cure when combining the two. Powerblanket is of the same mind as Hexion: epoxy curing can be faster and more efficient, and with Powerblanket patented technology as an addition to the process, epoxy curing can go quicker than you ever imagined. So whether you’re using Hexion’s new epoxy or not, we can guarantee your epoxy will cure faster and stronger with our help.



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