How Does Wind Power Compare to Other Forms of Energy?

Have you ever wondered how wind energy compares with other forms in efficiency and cost? Some of the old misconceptions regarding the wind industry are being debunked, and the future looks bright, indeed.


Wind Turbine

The Longevity of the Wind Industry

Wind-industry experts have plenty to say about how wind power is shaping up to be an extremely viable energy source. In fact, among all the renewable-energy sources on earth, wind power is second only to hydro power. (As impressive as this comparison is, growth data actually shows that wind energy is likely to surge ahead of hydro power in efficiency and usage in the near future.) Despite the woeful claims of anti-wind advocates, wind energy is a clean and highly-efficient means of renewable energy, and more and more people are beginning to realize it.

As it stands, wind turbines cost very little to generate the same amount of electricity expected of other forms. In some cases wind turbines can cost even less to produce the same level of energy, but in many cases, the results are equal. However, the costs savings aren’t contingent only on operational aspects. Maintenance, location, initial construction, environmental restrictions, and many other matters are all elements that need to be taken into consideration when contemplating the most cost-effective and clean way of producing energy.


Wind Farm

The Wind Industry in Numbers

The past thirty years have seen the cost of wind turbines drop as much as 14%, and the projections for the next 20 years are suggesting an additional 20%-30% drop. With numbers like these, it’s clear that investments in wind power are a wise choice.

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