Powerblanket® Bulk Material Warmers (Hot Box) are Perfect for Cold Weather Storage

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Pallet Warmer

If you’re in need of a universal heating solution for remote-location use, job site heating, transporting temperature-sensitive material, or some other heat-related requirement, the Powerblanket’s bulk material warmer (also known as the Hot Box) is the perfect answer.

The Powerblanket® Hot Box saves you money by keeping your products from freezing without the risk of overheating. For example, Vern Fiehler, of Quick Road Repair in Alaska, saved money by keeping his product from burning up, which is what happened with his old method. He met with the field maintenance crew of the Juneau Alaska International Airport to demonstrate his product called Instant Road Repair (IRR). For his demonstration, he needed to bring the IRR up to working temperature, and used a forced air ceramic heater to do so. Unfortunately, during the presentation, the product was not performing well. To his surprise, Vern discovered that the product overheated 40°F / 22°C past its maximum temperature. That cost him a pallet of product and embarrassed him. Since then, Vern has used the Powerblanket® Hot Box.

The Hot Box pallet warmer can be easily assembled, disassembled, and reassembled. This makes it ideal for cold weather storage, freeze protection, transporting, job site heating, remote location use, and other heating requirements. Standard Hot Boxes hold product between 100°F and 120°F and optional adjustable thermostatic controllers allow temperatures to be precisely controlled.

Powerblanket Pallet Warmers:

  • Preserve temperature sensitive material.
  • Install quickly and effortlessly.
  • Heat bulk materials and palletized products: paint, caulk, resins and epoxies, etc.
  • Side access doors.
  • Certified to UL/CSA/CE standards.

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Available in three performance levels:

Road Repair Material Warmer Asphalt Hot Box Bulk Material Warmer

Powerblanket Lite Hotbox:

  1. 2 sizes available: Fits 40”x48” or 36”x48” pallets
  2. 800 Watt design preserves temperature sensitive material
  3. Quick and easy assembly for portability and storage
  4. Great solution for palletized products: paint, caulk, resins and epoxies, etc.
  5. Two side access doors on opposite sides
  6. Certified to UL/CSA/CE standards
The Powerblanket Hot Box offers all the features of the Powerblanket Lite Hot Box, plus:

  1. A durable, vinyl shell
  2. Higher wattage (1200 Watts) for faster heating times & more extreme conditions

The Premium Hot Box provides all the features of the Powerblanket model but also offers:

  1. A larger footprint (Fits 48” x 48” pallet)
  2. An internal steel frame
  3. The highest wattage (1440 Watts)
  4. A controller for precise temperature regulation

Need a Custom Heated Box?   Powerblanket can help!

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