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Curing epoxy resins with Powerblanket is easy and efficient! Most epoxy resin and hardener combinations require heat in order to cure since ambient temperatures are not high enough. If the epoxy resins are not heated high enough and evenly enough, the chemical, mechanical and heat resistance properties become compromised. In fact, some epoxy resins require heating in steps to prevent overheating from exothermic reactions.

Problems associated with improper temperature and/or uneven temperature distribution for epoxy resins, include:

  • Discoloration/Yellowing
  • Color Variation
  • Blushing
  • Uneven Gloss
  • Poor Inter-Coat Adhesion

When properly cured, epoxies become solid.barrel heater photo_rev_wLogo

With Powerblanket’s patented heating technology, you don’t have to worry about these common dilemmas any more. Powerblanket’s barrel, drum, and bucket covers allow you to heat your epoxy storage to the ideal temperature in a very economical way. 

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 9 Things You Must Consider in an Epoxy Heating/Curing Solution:

  • Prevent uneven gloss and poor inter-coat adhesion by finding a solution that evenly heats over the entire surface area
  • Since the warmer the resin and hardener, the lower the viscosity, find a heating solution that will maintain the proper application temperature
  • Since a cool epoxy is more difficult to meter and mix the resin and hardener, find a customizable heating solution that will properly fit the size and shape of your application to maintain maximum control
  • Ensure less maintenance downtime by finding a heating product with a track record of performance
  • Ensure that the epoxy resin and hardener will flow through dispensing pumps easily by maintaining the appropriate heat
  • Ensure more cross-linking by warming the materials while mixing to initiate a better chemical reaction
  • Prevent air bubble entrapment and safeguard the strength and effectiveness of the epoxy by having the right heating solution
  • Prevent contamination by not using Kerosene or propane heaters since they can inhibit the cure as well as contaminate epoxy surfaces
  • Prevent under-curing, as it can cause delaminations and product failures by finding an evenly heated and temperature-controlled solution