6 Ways To Use A Barrel Heater


Want to get extra use out of your barrel heater during the temperate months this year? Most of our readers are aware that drum and barrel heaters keep products from freezing, but many are unaware of their other diverse functions. This list is sure to provide some unique insight into how you can use an industrial heating blankie as a time and money saver.

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The Barrel Heater: A Versatile Product

In the United States, during summer nights, temperatures can get as low as the 50s ºF! This really isn’t that cold, but in the case of highly sensitive chemicals and other finicky materials, this could lead to ruined, wasted product–and ultimately huge profit losses. In case you’re new here: lost money=bad.

Take a look at these six ways to use a barrel heater:

1. Melting and Preheating

If you have a product that needs to be brought from a highly-viscous or solid state to a liquid, a barrel heater might be your golden ticket. What you don’t want to have to do is transfer the product from its storage unit to some melting device. With an adequate barrel heater, you can melt and preheat your product to whatever temperature you need, while keeping it in the same barrel you store it in. Many food products can benefit from this.

2. Temperature Maintenance

Maybe your case is a matter of temperature maintenance instead. This is often the case with certain resins, epoxies, and spray foam, even during storage. A drop below ideal temperature could compromise the nature of certain chemicals and other liquids. 

3. Viscosity Regulation

This use case is akin to the idea behind melting and preheating your product. If you have a product that needs to remain at a high temperature to avoid becoming too viscous, then you could drastically benefit from a product like a drum heating blanket.

4. Chemical Reaction Enablement

What if you could use your storage barrel or drum for chemical mixtures that need a certain level of heat? Well, you can. Barrel heaters can be very useful in providing heat for chemical reactions. One such product is epoxy.

5. Decontamination

In order for some liquids and resins to keep from becoming contaminated, they have to constantly sit at higher temperatures than room temperature. If this is the case with your product, you can easily accommodate this need through the application of an efficient barrel heater.

6. Freeze Protection

And of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention freeze protection as one of the major uses for a barrel heater. If your product will become compromised as the temperature of the ambient air drops below freezing, then a barrel heater is a simple solution to your dilemma.

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