Drum Blanket

Drum BlanketPowerblanket® drum and barrel heater blankets offer a full-wrap, insulated design for superior temperature control and freeze protection. Heating temperature sensitive materials has never been easier. Available in fixed temperature or adjustable control.

Wrap anything in a Powerblanket drum heater and you’ll never use another band heater or blower again.  Powerblanket heated drum blankets takes the hassle out of heating your barrels & totes with an insulated barrier of warmth from top to bottom.  Multiple sizes & temperature settings to choose from.


– Quickly Heat Both Metal & Poly Drums and Totes

– Easy “Wrap-It” Drum Blanket Connects in Seconds

– Protect Delicate Materials From Freezing

– Ideal For Heating Foods, Oils, Chemicals, Water and Paints

– Keeps The Heat In – And The Cold Out!

– 10X More Effective Than a Band Heater or Blower

– UL / CSA Compliant

– The Easiest, Cheapest, Fastest, Most Efficient Method For Heating Barrels, Drums, Buckets, Pails, IBC Totes, Tanks, and Containers!

– WRAP-IT! with a Powerblanket heated product!

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