What Is The Best Heating Method For Curing Wind Turbine Blades?

How Does Wind Power Compare to Other Forms of Energy 2There are many different methods that have entered the market throughout the years to heat wind turbine blades during the curing process. Some methods are more effective than others and some are more expensive than others.   Some methods have come and gone; some have stayed and improved while others have not changed at all. The thing that has not changed is the cost and inefficiencies of some of these methods.

Have you ever tried curing a wind turbine blade using hot air blowers? Blowers are expensive to buy and expend a lot of energy and electricity.

What about Kilns? Kilns are used by many of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers. Kilns require extensive maintenance and repair, are unsightly, require continuous fueling matter to fuel the heat and may emit environmentally hazardous toxins into the air.  

What about heating blankets? A heating blanket is a modern approach to curing wind turbine blades; an energy efficient solution, which has revolutionized effective heat spreading. This technology ensures the heat is effectively and evenly distributed, while continuously maintaining optimal temperatures. Heating blankets are portable for use in the plant or out in the field.

Customers have told us that Powerblanket® heating blankets have the best heat to low power requirement for curing wind blades.

Heating blankets are safe for the environment, provide an efficient and even heat source at optimal temperatures, and come in customizable sizes to meet industry needs. Additionally, heating blankets reduce the amount of time it takes to cure the epoxy for wind blade repair. This equates to increased profitability because more wind turbine blades can be repaired in a shorter amount of time.

So when considering the best solution for you to cure wind turbine blades, take a look at your business and determine which curing method provides the most benefit to you and your customers.

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