Can Electrically Heated Concrete Blankets be Used for Other Purposes?

Powerblanket Concrete Curing BlanketYes. Electrically heated concrete blankets serve more than one purpose, especially in flatwork / concrete and general construction. Examples include:

  • curing concrete
  • thawing ground to protecting temperature-sensitive materials
  • preheating surfaces prior to concrete, coating, epoxy, sealer, or material placement
  • pre-heating and curing on the same project
  • pre-heating a deck prior to concrete placement
  • protecting sub-grades and surfaces from frost prior to pour
  • Accelerating cure times and PSI levels critical to reducing downtime and meeting scheduled deadlines

It may be more appropriate to refer to these types of products as “heating solutions” instead of “blankets” to not confuse them with the common insulating blankets. These do not generate any heat themselves and rely on other sources of heat to make them a viable option.

3 things to look for in an electrically heated concrete blanket that can be used for other purposes:

  1. A product that generates heat but also distributes the heat evenly and efficiently
  2. A product that provides the right insulation so the heat generated is not lost
  3. A solution provider that supplies custom electrically heated blankets so your problem is solved

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