The Powerblanket® ICE Chiller System: The Coolest of Our Cooling Solutions

Powerblanket’s new innovative cooling solutions help to maintain ideal temperatures in the hottest of weather. From small cooling jobs to large and substantial chilling applications, Powerblanket cooling solutions offer a range of temperature regulation via three performance levels. Today, in this post, we’ll take a look at the most robust Powerblanket ICE product of them all…the Powerblanket ICE Chiller System.


North Slope Chiller and Powerblanket IceThe Chiller System: The Coldest Cooling Solution

If you’re storing a temperature sensitive product in hot weather, then you need to make sure that product doesn’t get too hot. If it does, it could be the product’s undoing. In many cases, simply cooling the product may be sufficient. This could be accomplished with our Ice Pack Product. If you need refrigerator-level cooling, then our Cooler Product is the perfect fit. But if you need freezer-level chilling with circulating fluid as low as 20 °F, or you’re protecting a product against extreme heat, then the Powerblanket ICE Chiller Product is your answer.

The Chiller Product is the top tier of the Powerblanket ICE family. It’s the mack daddy, the alpha male, the great sovereign of Chill-dom. With its extremely efficient and highly capable chiller, the Powerblanket Chiller Product offers precise temperature control, clear down to 20 °F. But this chiller system happens to have another very noteworthy feature worth mentioning. Along with being able to chill product lower and more precisely, the Chiller also has the capability of chilling more product simultaneously. For example, with the Chiller Product, you can chill two 55 gallon drums of product with one Chiller. If you need to chill more product, and chill it well, then the Chiller can make it happen.


Feature Overview:

  • 20 °F minimum temp
  • Precise temp control
  • Can run (2) 55-gallon drum blankets

So if you have extreme cooling needs and need to protect your valuable assets against the hottest of hot weather, then learn more about our Powerblanket Chiller Product and give us a call today.


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Biomed Cooling Solutions From Powerblanket®

Temperature control in the biomed sector is not a convenience; it’s absolutely imperative. Whether we’re talking about keeping pharmaceuticals preserved, or maintaining the proper temperature for equipment, all of it is important—for matters of safety and operational efficiency. However, even though biomed cooling solutions are so necessary, most of those on the market are expensive and not very versatile. Until Powerblanket ICE came along, that is.

Engineers in labVersatile Biomed Cooling Solutions

Unlike the many chillers and refrigerant systems on the market for biomed applications, Powerblanket ICE can keep bulk materials and equipment safe and cool without the same space limitations. The main difference between Powerblanket biomed cooling solutions and all the others is the simple fact that Powerblanket ICE is transportable, storable, and can be used on the same containers that transport, house, and store products and equipment. Our approach to custom cooling solutions allows for bulk cooling, regardless of the size and shape of your containment unit. In other words, you can get a cooling solution made to fit your storage and transporting needs instead of adjusting to fit the size of a refrigerant box.

Powerblanket ICE cooling solutions will keep your materials and equipment cool and safe. Vaccines, pharmaceuticals, fluids, and temperature-sensitive equipment, you name it, and we can cool it. Powerblanket ICE cooling solutions keep your materials at the ideal temperature whether the ambient environment is a nice seventy degrees or over a hundred.

In addition to its versatility, Powerblanket ICE also comes in three different cooling levels. Whether your temperature needs are big or small, complex or simple, Powerblanket has a solution for it.


Benefits of Powerblanket Biomed Cooling Systems:

  • Maintain ideal temperature of materials, products, and equipment, eliminating the risks and costs associated with overheating.
  • Increase operational efficiency and safety by maintaining the proper temperature of stored products.
  • Ensure the valuable and necessary characteristics of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and lab equipment are never lost due to drastic temperature fluctuations.


Features of Powerblanket ICE:

  • The Powerblanket ICE cooler jackets use patented technology that draws heat away from the containers and cools the contents inside.
  • Each cooler system covers and insulates by means of a durable and easy-to-use system, allowing you to limit costs by cooling contents in storage containers, rather than transferring containers.
  • Powerblanket ICE cooling systems are portable—easy to install and uninstall.
  • Powerblanket ICE cooling systems allow you to control the temperature of your materials and equipment with ease and efficiency.
  • Cooling systems can be left installed and running while material containers are in use, making accessibility easy and unencumbered.