Powerblanket Programmable Logic Controllers

As innovative as our industrial heating blankets are on their own, how cool would it be if you could monitor them all from a central location? Well, you can. With the new Powerblanket Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) you can keep track of all your blankets and see exactly what’s going on with each.


Logic controllerThese PLCs are the Bee’s Knees

What makes these PLCs so great is the monitoring capability you have with them. A programmable logic controller is an industrial computer control system that continuously monitors the state of input devices and makes decisions based upon a custom program to control the state of output devices. Sounds pretty wow, right? But just in case that was a little too much tech talk for you, here it is in plainer English…

Using Powerblanket PLCs on Powerblanket products simply means that you can monitor and regulate all the temperatures in all your blankets (both the temperature inside the blanket and the temperature on the surface of the blanket). What’s more, you can make needed adjustments on various blankets or various zones of a single blanket too.

However, like all your products, these PLC systems aren’t just a one-size-fits-all solution. They’re entirely scalable. This means you could set your system to measure just one temperature zone, and set it to switch only one blanket based on that temperature. Or you could have your system set to measure 200 temperature zones for 100 different blankets. There’s no upper limit to the number of temperatures or blankets you can monitor and switch with these PLC systems.

Here’s an example of just how helpful these PLCs are. A particular blanket could be set to switch based on a specified internal temperature, so it doesn’t damage itself, while simultaneously, it can be set to maintain a certain surface temperature for curing something like an epoxy resin, for example. You could also set a group of multiple blankets to switch based on a maximum combined temperature or even the average of their temperatures.


Control Options

Temperature measurements aren’t the only control options these PLCs are capable of, however. Your blankets can be set to switch based on a schedule. This means you can set the temperature to ramp up to a certain level at a certain rate, then stay there for a certain amount of time, and slowly taper off or shut off completely. This allows you to set your blankets to automatically turn on at a predetermined time in order to prepare your material as needed, before workers arrive, perhaps.

In addition to schedule and temperature controls, you can also set alarms to be triggered if certain conditions are met. For example, if you have power failure, reach a temperature outside of your specified limits, experience circuit shorts, or a number of other similar dilemmas, you can set your blanket to automatically shut off, scale back on temperature, or produce an alarm.

In addition to this, all the data recorded in these protocols can be logged for record keeping or future analysis. The temperature, relay state (blanket on or off), current, voltage, etc. can all be recorded and sorted for your data needs. And all these PLCs can be set up for remote monitoring or remote control.

Great Black Leaders In Wax Museum Gets Approval to Expand

style Wax Industry

The Urban Design and Architecture Review Panel of Baltimore recently approved the design and plan to expand the National Great Blacks In Wax Museum. The museum is already one of the city’s great icons, and it is the hope of those involved that the new expanded facility will increase visitations beyond their already high numbers.

Great Blacks In Wax Museum

A Move to Improve

Of all wax museums, The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum is certain to be one of most prestigious in the nation. In the museum’s thirty-two year history, it has seen over a million visitors. With the expansion of the new facility, the museum’s notoriety is sure to increase attendance numbers significantly too.

The $75 million dollar project will expand the current layout to include resources not presently available. Multiple exhibits will be added to the new museum, along with a gift shop for visitors. In addition to these niceties, the project will include a genealogical center and a theater.

Last year, four new individuals were inducted into the museum, namely: Mahalia Jackson, Rev. Harold A. Carter, Rev. John R. Bryant, and Rev. George E. Battle. Of course, being inducted into the museum means that the individual is honored by an impeccable wax sculpture, and with the forthcoming expansion of the new museum, there will be room for even more additions to the historic lineup of influential African Americans.

Powerblanket and an Industry

The wax industry has more projects to account for than just making candles. You can imagine the amount it takes to create a life-size, life-like hero of African American history. Powerblanket serves the industry with heating solutions that allow for careful temperature regulation that is made possible through patented technology.

Though Powerblanket was not involved in any of the wax sculptures for the museum, we can certainly appreciate the feat it is and how much it has contributed to the history of Baltimore, and the history of our nation.