Lab Chilling Solutions

Temperature control in the biomed sector is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity. Whether we’re talking about keeping pharmaceuticals preserved, or maintaining the proper temperature for equipment, all of it is important. Temperature control improves operational efficiency, preserves product quality, and protects worker and consumer safety. However, necessity does not mean affordability, and most lab chilling solutions on the market are expensive and not very versatile…until Powerblanket came along.

Technician cooling a sample in a biomed lab

Lab Chilling Needs

Powerblanket infographic on biomed temperature control needs


Process cooling needs to be at the forefront of any biotech or pharmaceutical operation. Biomed companies must follow legal temperature control guidelines in order to protect products, consumers, and their business. Lab chillers keep clean rooms, laboratories, and storage rooms cool to reduce the growth of contaminants and pathogens that compromise research and equipment.

Recirculating Chillers

Biotech companies also experience the added pressure to conduct business while responsibly managing natural resources. Closed loop, recirculating chillers are the perfect environmental solution for reducing water waste while protecting equipment and materials.

Chilling on the Go

Lab technicians and researchers work diligently to preserve proper temperatures within the lab itself. However, what happens when it is time to package and ship medicines, lab samples, and other temperature sensitive products?

Biomedical and pharmaceutical companies rely on temperature control across the entire cold supply chain. Lab chillers need to be versatile enough to transfer and transport products without temperature fluctuations. Even changes of just a few degrees can destabilize chemical reactions, cause pathogen growth, and create unsafe conditions.

Temperature Control Partners

The good news is that Powerblanket specializes in innovative process cooling solutions. Our partner, North Slope Chillers, is well equipped with lab chilling options for needs all across the biomedical and pharmaceutical industry.

North Slope Chillers range of Industrial chillers


Recirculating Lab Chillers

Our expansive line of industrial recirculating chillers are portable, easy to install, and won’t disrupt the layout of your current system. Unlike the many lab chillers on the market, Northslope Chillers keeps bulk materials and equipment safe and cool without the same space limitations. Our lab chillers are easily stored and transported. We offer lab cooling solutions made to fit your space needs instead of making you adjust to fit the size of a refrigerant box.

Temperature Flexibility

In addition, North Slope Chillers offers a range of cooling capacities from 85° F all the way down to -112° F. Vaccines, pharmaceuticals, fluids, and temperature-sensitive equipment…you name it and we can cool it. Our Frost, Freeze and Deep Freeze lines offer chilling versatility so you can find the exact lab chiller solution you need.

Portable lab chillers from North Slope Chillers are easy to use and install. They do not disrupt your current system, and apply direct and even chilling to your process. These recirculating chillers protect your sensitive lab equipment and materials during research, storage, and transport. Save time, effort, and money with portable biotech lab chillers from North Slope Chillers.

Keep your products and processes within the desired temperature range with Powerblanket's industrial cooling solutions.


Alex Pacanowsky

Meet Alex, one of our experts in freeze protection and the head of the custom team at Powerblanket! For the past several years, Alex has worked closely with oil & gas pros, medical device startups, and pharmaceutical suppliers (just to name a few) to create weatherproof operations. No matter how cold the weather, or what needs to be heated, Alex knows just what to do! He also loves mountain biking and spending time with his two boys, 5 and 9, and two Labrador Retrievers.