Beer Keg Chiller

Beer Keg Chiller

Enjoy all of your spring and summer festivities with a Beer Keg Chiller from North Slope Chillers

North Slope Chillers Keg Cooler wrap

Spring Fever

Spring fever is a real thing.  As the sun brings out the green in the grass and the tulips from the ground, it also brings out an anticipation and excitement in us to get outside and enjoy some vitamin D.  Spring Break, Easter break, and the weekend all call for a picnic, a barbecue, or a good old fashioned party in the backyard.  Getting outside with food and drink requires some planning, and when beer is one of the libations–you need to know how to keep a keg cold outside.

Portable Beer Chilling


A Kegerator is a specially adapted, keg sized refrigerator and beer dispenser. These refrigeration and beer dispenser units work well behind a bar where you are close to an electrical outlet. Kegerators are fine for fixed locations with power, but how do you chill beer for outside parties and catering events? Can you imagine trying to take that refrigeration on the go? For outdoor events, it would be a lot easier to leave the extension cords and generators at home.

Chiller Sticks

Some beer drinkers try and use chilling sticks that are immersed inside a bottle of beer. Chiller sticks may work for a couple of people enjoying a drink outside. However, what do you do for gatherings where a few bottles of beer won’t be enough?

Keg Chiller Wraps

There are many simple ways to keep a keg cold in the great outdoors. We would like to recommend a means for achieving the perfect chill that you can use over and over with no mess or stress.  Even on the hottest summer days, the North Slope Chillers’ portable keg cooler can keep a keg cold outside (50°F)  for up to 12 hours without ever having to change the ice packs. Our portable wraps easily fit around a US standard half barrel keg with a keg capacity of 15 gallons.

Keg Chiller Field Test

To prove the effectiveness of the Keg Cooler, we ran an experiment.  We started with a 40° F keg of beer, wrapped our beer keg chiller around the keg, placed it inside a 95 °F environmental chamber and recorded the beer’s temperature for 24 hours.  After 6 hours the beer was 43 °F and had only increased 3 degrees, and after 12 hours the temperature had only increased 10 degrees to 50 °F, which is still considered optimal temperature for drinking.

Powerblanket’s Total Temperature Control Partnership

Here at Powerblanket we pride ourselves on being experts in total temperature control. Our partner, North Slope Chillers, specializes in industrial cooling systems. From portable industrial chillers and fluid blankets, to insulated cooling wraps, North Slope Chillers can help you chill anytime and anywhere.

North Slope Chillers Keg Cooler

  • Highly reflective industrial grade white vinyl shell reflects solar radiation to help keep a keg cold.
  • Many insulated keg wraps are made from ¼ inch neoprene.  North Slope Chillers insulated keg wraps contain a ½ inch thick sheet of closed cell industrial grade foam insulation. This protection will keep your keg cool on even the hottest days.
  • Designed with 12 internal pockets to hold standard, reusable 12 oz 6” x 6” x 1” ice packs.  These ice packs are affordable and easy to find, making replacement a breeze.  Keep an extra set in the freezer for continuous or frequent use.
  • The whole system is easily portable
  • Low cost and reusable beer keg chiller solution


Keep your products and processes within the desired temperature range with Powerblanket's industrial cooling solutions.


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