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Whether you’re looking for a heating solution for oil tanks, FRAC tanks, propane tanks, or water tanks, Powerblanket® tank heaters are a perfect fit for the job.


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A Myriad of Applications

Any type of tank can be taken into consideration with a customized heating solution from Powerblanket. Regardless of what you’re storing in your tank, you can rest assured that the patented technology in Powerblanket® heating blankets can protect, maintain, and optimize the fluidity, consistency, or any other important characteristic of your product.

With Powerblanket® technology, you get an even distribution of heat throughout the entire surface area, allowing for equal protection and maintenance of your product. Along with this, Powerblanket heating blankets can be set to meet your heating and warming needs, regardless of the temperature. There’s no need to worry about overheating, scorching, or damage of your product due to excessive temperatures. Powerblanket doesn’t just add the heat, it keeps the heat where it needs to be.


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Features of Powerblanket Tank Heaters & Tank Warmers

  •         Maintains optimal temperatures in freezing conditions
  •         Custom designed to fit your specific application
  •         Available in various voltage requirements
  •         Water and wind resistant

Find out more about propane tank heaters by downloading the free spec sheet!


Download the Spec Sheet

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