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Frozen pipeOver half the U.S. population deals with the threat of frozen water pipes each winter season.  The costs associated with frozen and broken water lines is enormous, not to the mention the nightmare caused by water damage.  While an ounce of prevention might be worth a pound of cure, methods for preventing frozen pipes previously have been costly and ineffective at best.  Until recently, best methods to thaw pipes included heat trace, insulation, or expensive high wattage heaters which simply aren’t practical.


A new product has been developed that makes good on the “ounce of prevention” mentality that is both cost effective and highly efficient.  Freeze prevention & pipe thawing can now be achieved with the “all-in-one” pipe wrap heating solution from the creators of the Powerblanket® heated pipe wraps.

Powerblanket pipe wraps provide maximum freeze protection for a wide variety of applications. Heating, insulating, and protecting fluids from harsh outdoor environments is their specialty.  Available in multiple lengths and diameters to fit any size section.


Pipe thawing guide graphic by Powerblanket

The Powerblanket pipe wrap’s innovative “all-in-one” product design substantially reduces installation time, eliminates the need for multiple product procurement, and significantly reduces labor costs. The end result is an efficient, cost-effective heating solution with unlimited possibilities. Installing pipe wraps on long sections of pipe will maintain flowability and maximize production even in harsh winter conditions.

  • Maximum freeze protection to -40F / -40C
  • Engineered to maintain flow and pumpability
  • Reduce downtime and increase profitability
  • Easy to install, uninstall, and reinstall
  • Rapid thawing for frozen or gelled pipes
  • Certified to UL/CSA safety standards


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