How to Winterize your IBC Tote

Stacks of Different Colored IBC Totes

Fall isn’t just a time to think about Fantasy Football, it’s time to start winterizing your IBC totes. In this blog post, we’ll go over a few ways you can start preparing before temperatures drop. Better to do it now, than wait and scramble to defrost your frozen IBCs.

Stack Your Totes

Most IBC’s are designed in part to be stackable by means of a forklift. By stacking and grouping the tanks together, you reduce the surface area exposed to the cold air. This method certainly won’t keep the totes warm, but it may keep internal temperatures a degree or two higher. In subzero temperatures however, this would still be fairly ineffective.

Store IBC’s Indoors

The most obvious solution to winterizing your tanks would be moving them into a climate controlled warehouse. The obvious drawback to this is the amount of space that each IBC tank takes up, as well as the outrageous heating costs of a warehouse (more than 10% of total revenue for some businesses!). Another drawback for some, is the inability to localize the heat, or maintain a certain viscosity- if you are storing liquids where this is important.

tote heater / ibc heaterUse a Powerblanket

Perhaps the most efficient and controllable solution to winterize your IBC tote is a Powerblanket– an electrically-heated, industrial blanket that wraps around your IBC. We have ready-to-ship solutions for every popular size of tote. They come with or without an insulated lid, and an adjustable thermostat that reaches as high as 145 degrees F. If our stocked tote heaters don’t fit your application, no problem, let us make you a custom one. We have a team of engineers onsite that can design a Powerblanket to fit any size, variation, and specification of your particular totes. Drop us a line.

Whether you store liquids, chemicals, or food items in IBCs, take the time to protect them now so that you can worry about your Fantasy lineup, instead of worrying about your business materials when you wake up and see frost on the ground.

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Keep your temperature-sensitive materials at the right temperature with Powerblanket IBC tote warmers and heaters.


Shelby Thompson

Shelby Thompson is the head of standard product sales for Powerblanket. He has a distinguished military career, having served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. In his time in the Marines, Shelby acquired an impressive skillset that he now uses in his current role. When he's not working, Shelby loves spending time outdoors with his wife, son, and daughter. He is also a semi-keen hunter, fair weather fisherman, and shooter. Unfortunately, Shelby also has something of an unlucky streak when it comes to Fantasy Football at the company.

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