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Propane Tank and Gas Cylinder Heaters

The Powerblanket® Gas Cylinder Warmer, with advanced GreenHeat™ components, reduces costs by optimizing container temperatures which upgrades vaporization rates.

For example, a railroad company eliminated snow from their railways by utilizing Powerblanket® Gas Cylinder Warmers with their power-producing propane tanks. Prior to using our warmers low temperatures stopped the propane from properly vaporizing. Powerblanket® uses patented GreenHeat™ technology that evenly heats the entire surface area of each warmer to ensure proper and efficient vaporization.

Powerblanket Gas Cylinder Warmers:

  • Complete Insulation
  • Safety Standards certified by UL/CSA/CE
  • Saves Money by increasing “gas mileage”
Powerblanket® Gas Cylinder Warmers extend “gas mileage” and eliminates unnecessary refills even in cold weather and harsh working conditions.

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