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Specialty Gas Cylinder Heater

It’s very difficult to maintain optimal pressure in specialty gas cylinders. Powerblanket® now offers a variety of specialty gas cylinder heaters for controlling temperatures and maintaining specialty gas flow rates. Powerblanket specialty gas cylinder heaters provide a uniform barrier of heat across the entire cylinder. Our superior heating solution reduces costs by optimizing container temperatures and increasing cylinder efficiency.

Specialty Gas Cylinder Heaters:

  • Increase performance and efficiency of specialty gas cylinders
  • Provide even heat distribution to maintain consistent specialty gas flow rates
  • Save money by optimizing specialty gas and material usage
  • Are safety certified by UL/CSA/CE
  • Eliminate unnecessary cylinder refills

Applications for Powerblanket Specialty Gas Heating Products

  • Heating hydrocarbon gas safely
  • Heat argon
  • Heat ammonia
  • Heat carbon dioxide
  • Heat hydrogen chloride
  • Heat chlorine
  • Heat oxygen
  • Heat helium
  • Heat hydrogen
  • Heat hydrogen bromide
  • Heat propylene


Powerblanket Specialty Gas Cylinder Standard Sizes

  • 9×55 size A or 300
  • 9×51 size K or 200
  • 8×48 size 150A

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Powerblanket Maintains Specialty Gas Flow Rates for a Semiconductor Manufacturer

A large semiconductor manufacturing company was searching for new products to improve their semiconductor manufacturing process. They needed to maintain their gas flow more precisely, and their existing solution was not consistent enough.

Powerblanket designed a specialty gas heating product that maintained the precise temperature and flow rate for hydrocarbon gases that the company was looking for.

The Company’s management team later mentioned that they were against the idea of switching to the Powerblanket specialty gas heating solution when it was proposed to them. They said, “We didn’t think it would work because it was half the power of the status quo product, but after we gave it a try, we were immediately sold…It’s a fantastic product and the sales and engineering support we received was excellent”

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Our specialty gas cylinder tank heating solutions can be manufactured to cETLus
(*Class I Division II – Groups A, B, C & D – T4 Temperature Classification)