The 2015 Global Petroleum Show Starts Today!

It’s finally here. Today marks the beginning of the 2015 Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Alberta. This annual show accommodates the world’s biggest gathering of companies, contributors, and benefactors from the oil and gas sector.


The 2015 Global Petroleum Show

The 2015 Show

This year marks the 25th running of the Global Petroleum Show (GPS), a show that now runs every year at Stampede Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The 2015 edition of the GPS looks to be the biggest yet. With thousands of participants from over one-hundred countries, the show offers a wide scope of demonstrations for the oil and gas sector. This year includes a mock drill site that allows attendees to see firsthand the process of oil drilling. The site will showcase a drilling rig, mud unit, and a well head and command center.

In addition to this, the show will accommodate the Safety Zone, a destination for professionals to explore the industry’s latest in safety and health. What’s more, the Manufacturing Zone showcases live demos and simulations of manufacturing processes related to oil and gas. All this, along with the Capital Forum and Global Energy Career Expo, shapes up to produce another great year for the Global Petroleum Show.


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Don’t Forget to Come See the Powerblanket® Demos

Of course, we would be completely remiss if we didn’t mention one of the most intriguing of all demos going on at the show. Powerblanket will be in halls D,E at booth 7852 showcasing our latest technologies for the oil and gas sector. We’ll be running a demo related to piping applications where we showcase the capabilities of our instrumentation heaters, as well as our valve and manifold heaters. The ability these products have of protecting piping assets against the ravages of cold weather are of significant importance to the industry.

In addition to this, we’ll also be displaying our video scanning demo (which allows you to submit a video of your equipment in order for us to create a custom heating solution for it). We’ll likewise be showing off our smart controller (allowing you to remotely monitor and control your Powerblanket products) and we’ll be discussing our latest certification. So come join us at our booth for all of this and more.



Curious to see how Powerblanket can meet the unique needs of your industry?


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