The Benefits of Frac Tanks


In the oil & gas industry, storing water and other liquids on site can be quite a task, but with frac tanks, you can store as much as you need.


Frac Tank

Frac Tanks and the Purpose They Serve

Large tanks are a very efficient way to store water or other liquids on site to be used in oil-field or construction applications. As far as water’s concerned, anywhere you go, whether it’s in the hydraulic fracturing process to build something in the construction industry, there is always a very real need for it.

The need for having water on site is one of the biggest necessities that frac tanks provide. They are easily transported by an 18 wheeler to the site at which they will be used and are left there for however long they are needed. Many are outfitted with the proper piping and pumping components needed to get the water (or whatever it’s storing) to the actual spot where it will be used too.

With an innovative solution like this, which has been around for some time now, many different industries rely on frac tanks to store the liquids or other materials they need on site. Well, there you have it. That solves that. Or does it?

Here’s a question to consider. What happens if the tank is delivered to an area that becomes frigid cold during the winter months? What if the frac tank is holding water or some other temperature-sensitive liquid? What do you do then? Letting 21,000 gallons of water or some other liquid freeze on you, especially if it’s out in the middle of nowhere at an oil-drilling site, can pose quite the dilemma indeed.


Frac tank heating blanket

The Solution for Freeze Protection

Up until the inception of Powerblanket® Frac Tank Heating Blankets, there wasn’t a “set it and forget it” heating solution for frac tanks. However, Powerblanket has this problem solved. Along with all the other smaller products that Powerblanket creates for varying industries and a myriad of applications, we also provide some very big blankets for big jobs such as frac tank freeze protection.

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  1. I actually had not heard of frac tanks until my brother-in-law mentioned his boss moving some onto their construction site. It is really interesting to learn that these frac tanks are actually meant for storing large amounts of water. That could be really helpful for certain construction needs such as cement or just cleaning the site once the work is done.

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