Composite Heating Blankets

Composite Heating Blankets

Composite materials have improved how we build everything. By taking 2 or more different materials and combining them, we create solutions with an entirely new set of characteristics. Composites have enabled world industry to build lighter, faster, and stronger. In a similar fashion, teaming composites with heating blankets creates a higher solution of efficiency and strength.

Powerblanket: A Cure For The Composite Industry

Concrete…Where It All Began

Powerblanket began our industry leading journey right here, with concrete curing. We set forth to solve cold weather concrete problems and help companies quickly cure their pours to a maximum strength all year long. Our heating blankets not only keep concrete at optimal temperatures for curing, but also preheat and thaw ground before pouring, protect hydration levels during curing, reduce costly downtime, and quickly cure stronger slabs.

Powerblanket graphic on concrete curing blankets

Powerblanket’s concrete curing blankets opened up a world of possible solutions for many other industrial temperature control problems. We got to work adapting our patented technology and rugged design to solve heating problems the world over.


Powerblanket’s high watt density epoxy curing blankets provide resins and hardeners with the perfect amount of curing and post-curing heat. Proper heating during the curing process prevents discoloration, uneven glossiness, poor adhesion, and other defects. Our even heat distribution eliminates hot and cold spots and directs heat all the way to the edge of the blanket.

Powerblanket graphic on composite curing blankets

Using a composite heating blanket helps you avoid uneven and overheating defects caused by heat lamps and guns. Blankets are also a cost effective and space saving alternative to expensive curing ovens. With a wide range of sizes available and customizable temperature ranges, our heating blankets are perfect for manufacturing as well as repairs.

Powerblanket’s Winning Track Record on Composite Curing

Powerblanket’s patented heat spreading technology has solved composite heating problems for a wide range of industries. Let’s take a deeper look at how Powerblanket composite heating blankets have helped the construction, energy, and manufacturing industries get back to doing what they do best.

Concrete Curing

Massman Construction Co.

While constructing the Christopher S. Bond Bridge in Kansas City, Massman Construction Co. hit a major winter hurdle. The bridge was primarily made from precast concrete panels, however an 18” x 12” inch gap was left between the panels and the support beam on the underside of the bridge. The gap needed to be filled with concrete during winter temperatures that hit lows of -5° F. They needed to find a way to preheat the areas surrounding the gap (from above and below) as well as heat the fresh concrete as it cured.

Powerblanket concrete curing blanket during Massman Constructions work on the Christopher S Bond Bridge

The team researched ways to erect a heated structure around the critical areas (including the underside of the beam), but the bridge’s location over the Missouri River made that impossible.

With the goal of pre-heating the bridge and keeping the fresh concrete above 46° F for 7 consecutive days, Massman turned to Powerblanket. 

We didn’t have the time to wait out the winter for the temperatures to become more moderate. The Powerblanket concrete heating blankets certainly played an important role in keeping us on schedule without having to postpone the pour.”

-Dale Helming (Project Manager, Massman Construction)

Using Powerblanket’s concrete curing blankets, Massman was not only able to heat all of the critical areas, they were able to seal in hydration and protect the fresh pour during the curing process. With digital thermostats in hand, they could monitor temperatures during the crucial 7 days to ensure their concrete cured to a strong finish.

Walsh Construction

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers commissioned Walsh Construction to repair a 2 mile stretch of concrete wall on the Illinois Waterway that connects Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River. The expansive project required work to continue throughout the harsh winter months. Walsh Construction had to evaluate concrete heating options to keep operations running all winter long to stay on schedule.

Illinois Waterway

Every heating solution they looked into was expensive, time consuming, and required more manpower than could be spared. Then, one of their suppliers introduced Walsh to Powerblanket. After using our concrete heating blankets, Walsh’s Foreman (Vern Adkins) said:

 “[Powerblanket] was the best cold-weather concrete heating and curing system we have worked with.” 

They calculated their total savings after turning to Powerblanket, and realized that between fuel, personnel hours, and materials, the composite heating blankets paid for themselves 5x over.

Wind Blade Repair

Powerblanket has provided all-weather wind blade repair solutions to the energy industry for years. Due to their size and the cost of transport, wind blades must undergo surface repairs out in the field. Specialized wind blade repair technicians rappel off the tower and must have access to their tools and epoxy patch materials. So how do these technicians replicate the heat protected curing process while dangling hundreds of feet in the air?  Fortunately Powerblanket has the answer. Our heavy duty, high powered curing blankets enable technicians to keep their cure warm and strong even under winter conditions.

Powerblanket graphic on wind blade curing blankets

We are also proud to of

Marine Epoxy Curing

Catamaran Yacht

Gold Coast Yachts

High-end watercraft manufacturer, Gold Coast Yachts, needed a simpler and less expensive way to cure epoxy joints. These large carbon fiber joints needed to cure at 145° F for an extended period of time. Their previous curing solution involved expansive custom designed and built ovens that required constant attention to regulate temperatures. These ovens also had a difficult time directing heat deep into the joint instead of just heating the ambient air. 

When Gold Coast contacted Powerblanket they initially tried a smaller sized epoxy curing blanket. They were so pleased, they expanded their order to several custom composite heating blankets. Powerblanket helped them save time and money and efficiently cure their carbon fiber joints.

Powerblanket Custom Composite Heating Solutions

Here at Powerblanket, we pride ourselves on helping the industrial and manufacturing community get back to doing what they do best. Our ready-to-ship and custom products have helped clients around the world solve even the trickiest of temperature control problems. Thanks to our team of world-class engineers, we are happy to offer the fastest and easiest customization process on the market. 

Let Powerblanket cure what ails your composite heating problems, and provide you with fast, tailor-made solutions that will optimize your operations, save you time and money, and protect your valuable materials. Contact us today to find the perfect composite heating solution for your needs at 855.900.1693 or [email protected]

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