Construction in the Cold

Everyone knows that construction season lasts as long as summer does, and there’s good reason for this. Construction and cold weather don’t usually get along. However, sometimes the project can’t wait for better temperatures. What do you do then?


Construction in the Cold 1Staying the Course

If you’ve ever had to work on a project that would have been so much easier if only you didn’t have to work on it in freezing temperatures, then you know how frustrating such an endeavor can be. In fact, most of the headache comes from your material’s sensitivity to cold. You can always add extra layers to ward off that bite in the air, but what do you do if you have to lay concrete, or store paint, or apply spray foam to a garage.

Well, thankfully, Powerblanket’s business is built on helping industries like construction make the most of cold weather. We can’t heat the air for you, but we can make sure that your materials are safe from the cold. After all, unless you’re building igloos, construction and cold don’t usually mix very well.

Powerblanket products are built with a patented technology that allows an even distribution of heat throughout the surface area. Whether you need to keep water-based paint from freezing in transport, or you need to heat a patch of concrete so that it can cure under less-than-ideal temperatures, Powerblanket’s got it covered—quite literally.


Construction in the Cold 2Powerblanket Products

A few of Powerblanket’s most useful product for the construction industry are our large multi-duty blankets and our foam cylinder and box warmers:


Multi-Duty and Extra-Hot Blanket

Powerblanket® Multi-Duty and Extra Hot blankets, built with patented technology, save money by not subjecting projects to costly cold weather delays

Foam Cylinder and Box WarmersConstruction in the Cold 3

Powerblanket® Drum and Bucket Warmers protect products by maintaining the desired temperature throughout an evenly heated area, thus reducing downtime. This keeps chemicals and other industrial materials within customer-defined temperature ranges, which means less overheating and burning of product.


Our products and uses don’t stop here, though. For more information on Powerblanket products, peruse our website or contact a Powerblanket rep today: 877-398-7407.


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