Drums Totes and Barrels: Protecting Your Bulk Storage

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Whether it’s food, paint, chemicals, or spray foam, storing your business assets in bulk containers has its limitations. Dependent on the characteristics and sensitivities of your material, some bulk-storage options have to be chosen very carefully, especially when you consider the problems that cold temperatures can pose.


A stack of blue oil barrels with one red barrel. 3D rendering with raytraced textures and HDRI lighting. Attached file by mark evans -- purchased from istockphoto.com OIL DRUM BARREL
A stack of blue oil barrels with one red barrel. 3D rendering with raytraced textures and HDRI lighting.
Attached file by mark evans — purchased from istockphoto.com OIL DRUM BARREL

Bulk Storage in Drums Totes and Barrels

What do the three items above have in common? They’re all typical solutions for storing materials in bulk. Whether you use drums to store cheese sauce, barrels to store paint, or totes to store spray foam, each scenario has specific requirements for optimal storage and usage of the material harbored within. In the case of food stored in drums, well, freeze protection might not be a real concern. After all, you’re going to need to keep whatever’s in there refrigerated until it’s ready to be consumed. However, bulk heating of large quantities of stored food may be a matter of consideration for you.

On the other hand, if you’re storing paint or a temperature sensitive chemical in barrels, then freeze protection may be a potential concern. In the case of something like spray foam stored in totes, maintaining ideal temperature ranges becomes vital. Ultimately, regardless of what you’re storing, preserving, or preparing in your drums, barrels, or totes, it’s important to know that there are contributing solutions beyond the mere storage unit. And these solutions will help you maximize your storage and application efficiency.

Whether it’s for freeze protection or prep heating, drum heaters, barrel heaters, and tote heaters offer the ability of keeping your storage at ideal temperature ranges. They also provide a means for heating your material to the proper level for application or preparation. When making use of such heating solutions, you don’t have to rely alone on your storage unit’s limitations. Some products merely offer insulation for drums, barrels, or totes, but there are others that offer both insulation and heat-transfer capabilities that work to maintain a desired temperature range or help to heat a product to a desired temperature.


Drums Totes and Barrels- Protecting Your Bulk Storage 2

The Powerblanket Solution

The effective drum, tote, or barrel-heater solution will eliminate waste and lower costs that arise from damaged materials cause by freezing temperatures. If you have temperature-sensitive products that spend time outside of the ideal temperature zone, you’re going to have a real mess on your hands. The longevity of your material will be drastically reduced, and the inevitable result will be wasted product, inflated costs, and strained budgets.

This is why Powerblanket focuses on offering a simple, easy-to-use solution that will protect your material from the ravages of cold weather. All Powerblanket heaters are manufactured with patented GreenHeat Technology™ in order to provide an even distribution of heat throughout the entire surface area. This is more than a nice convenience, though; it’s a necessity if you’re going to avoid hot and cold spots and the potential scorching of your product. In addition to this reality, Powerblanket® GreenHeat Technology™ also enables   the proper heating necessary for prep and application of foods or temperature sensitive chemicals.


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