Everything You Need to Know about C1D2 and Powerblanket

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When working in a Class 1 Division 2 hazardous location, the idea of a heating element usually brings more concern than comfort. That’s why Powerblanket produces products that are Class 1 Division 2 certified and entirely safe for the industries we serve.

Class 1 Division 2 and You C1D2

If the title of this article caught our interest, perhaps it’s because you already know a thing or two about Class 1 Division 2 certification, or maybe it’s a new term to you. Either way, here follows a general breakdown:

Hazardous locations are defined by the risks that are present. Some of the most common risks to property and person account for damage or injury through fire, explosion, electrocution, and other similar causes. Based on stipulations outlined by the NEC (standing for National Electrical Code) hazardous locations are defined by certain categories, or classes, and divisions.

Class 1 (and that’s a Roman-numeral 1) is made up of risks posed by gases, vapors, and liquids, Class 2 is dusts of any sort, and Class 3 accounts for fibers and flyings. So in the case of a Class 1 Division 2 environment, we’re talking gases, vapors, and liquids that could be potentially dangerous. How dangerous is answered by the division with which the area is coded.

There are two divisions that define a classification under the NEC. If an area is classed under Division 1 (and they use Arabic numerals on this part) it means that the materials onsite are normally explosive and hazardous. Conversely, if an area is classed under Division 2, it means that the materials present are not in a flammable or explosive form in most cases but that they could become flammable or explosive by accident. Now, combing the class and division in CID2 means that the area has gases, vapors, and/or liquids present that could become flammable gases or explosive by accident but are not under normal circumstances.

Powerblanket and the Industries We Serve

Powerblanket serves the freeze-protection and heating needs of many industries—such as the construction, chemicals, wax, oil and gas, railroad, spray foam, wind power, and epoxy industries to name several. Keeping in mind that many of the customers we serve have to deal with potentially dangerous situations. Powerblanket custom designs Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) certified products meet our customer needs in hazardous location freeze protection. So if you need heating solutions for your industry, Powerblanket is the right choice, even if there are potential hazards involved.


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