Frac Water Heaters – Increase Productivity And Revenue During Cold Weather

Frac Water HeatersFrac water heaters are a necessary part of the hydraulic fracturing process. It is imperative to heat frac water before it is pumped into the well for the following three reasons.

  1. Warm water is required for pumping during freezing weather conditions
  2. Linear or crossed-link gel frac fluids require specific temperatures
  3. Tubular contraction issues require heating to minimize the possibilities of casing failures


Like all propane units, when temperatures and fluid levels drop, so does pressure. Because propane is the source running the frac water heater, it is extremely important to maintain pressure. Heating one or multiple frac tanks can be a time consuming job, especially in cold weather. One solution to maintain pressure is to heat the propane tank on the frac water heater. Maintaining a consistent temperature on your propane tank will provide the following four benefits:


  1. Avoid down time
  2. Complete your daily jobs without having to shutdown to fill your tank
  3. Complete a heating job in a timely manner with fewer trucks
  4. Increase your revenue per job


There are only a few ways to heat large propane tanks. Most companies that heat frac water, use similar methods to maintain the pressure in their propane tanks. The current heating methods most frequently used are, blowtorches, vaporizers, and tarps with space heaters. These methods can be permanent, ineffective, dangerous and time consuming. I recommend finding a heating solution that does not require additional man hours, and is safe and efficient.If too much heat is applied, you run the risk of blowing safety valves on your propane tank and creating a hazardous situation.
Below is an example of a safe and efficient heating solution for a propane tank used on a frac water heater.

frac tank heaters

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